For this year’s Black History Month, I put together a playlist of several of my favorite jams from black women and femmes of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Colorism is still a huge issue not only within the music industry and black community, but throughout the world as well. Dark pigment is often associated with unattractiveness, unintelligence, and poverty.  As a woman of color, I remember my grandmother’s telling me to stay out of the sun and supplying me with Indian bleaching creams to prevent my skin from getting dark.  Even the most beautiful, accomplished women in the world like Beyonce and Rihanna have recalled instances early in their career when they received pressure from their families, peers, and managers to maintain a light complexion to appeal to a wider (and whiter) audience.  The artists featured in this playlist are just a handful of drop dead gorgeous women who have experienced discrimination because of their skin tone.  I urge you all to embrace your appearance and take pride in your melanin as we continue to shape our world into a more inclusive, colorful one.  Happy BHM!

Natasha Doshi - Hip Hop Director

Open the playlist in Spotify here.

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