Who is Narx?

NARX is a rising DJ/creative from London that began his immersion into music with a role in Neverland Clan, a DIY project that focuses on art, design, fashion, and music. He currently takes over the NTS studio one Friday each month with his show “NARX & Friends.” Running the show solo or with guests, listeners can expect a mix of the latest in hip-hop, funk, house, disco, R&B and anything else he feels fits the occasion.  

The eclectic artist just recently made a move into solo work. He released his debut EP Pink & Blu, and despite its short 3 song length, it has made a hefty impression on the music world. The opening track “Pink & Blu” starts with warped steel drums, transitions over to wobbly synths, and then sweeps over to a mix of pop, funk, R&B, and electronic. Following this is “Only You” with an intimate energized feel to it. NARX finishes strong with “Opals,” which manages to be ethereal and casual all at once.  

He has yet to release more than just these 3 beautiful tracks, much to the disappointment of those touched by his EP. While we’re waiting for more NARX content, you can still catch his NTS show as he’s returned with another round of Friday takeovers. With his mix of nostalgic and contemporary picks along with seamless transitions, NARX will keep you boppin regardless of what you favor musically. 

~Kortney (DJ Casanova) 

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