SHOW REVIEW: First Aid Kit at the Greek Theatre

first aid kit 2 (1).png

Getting there early, I was nervous about the slow start. The crowd was questionably composed of families taking selfies and people in their 40s and 50s. There was a BMW raffle and scattered groups drinking beer. However, once the seats were filled and I got directed to my seat by several ushers who ambushed me all too excitedly, I knew I was in a crowd of loyal fans. The array of hats were on par and the level of style picked up.

Julia Jacklin opened the stage with just the right amount of minimalism. She’s one of those artists that doesn’t need a superfluous backdrop to cloud her talent. Wearing a purpley blue billowing skirt and a white buttoned polo she sang so beautifully that it left the crowd entranced. She commented on the tour and the seventy hours spent in a small rental bus. It made her feel crazy, but the good kind of crazy.

Once the curtain was finally dropped, First Aid Kit got started with a bang. The dynamic sisters graced the stage. Johanna Söderberg glistened in a gold sequined dress that reflected all of the lights and Klara wore a country inspired light blue dress. When they started to play “Master Pretender,” a slideshow of all of their pictures from childhood up until now played in the background. They interspersed songs from all of their albums flawlessly and many from their first album The Lion’s Roar were played. It was a special moment when they brought Jacklin back out to do their cover of Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris’ cover of “After the Gold Rush” by Neil Young. It was First Aid Kit’s first time playing in Los Angeles and you could feel the energy and wonder in the air. The gratitude for how far they’ve come was displayed in their push for a great show which they delivered on. Klara’s attitude and fiery personality came through as Johanna complimented her sister’s tone for the show and together their harmonies were unreal. 

Gabriella Clifford  

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