SHOW REVIEW: Superorganism at the Fonda

Photo credit: Michelle Sharp

Photo credit: Michelle Sharp

Last Friday, Superorganism played a loud and overly stimulated show at the Fonda. By overly stimulated, I mean just that: my six senses were lit.

A mixture of visuals and weirdly lit orbs made it feel like I was high, but without any actual drug use. At times, the background displayed satellites with the sound of astronauts talking, introducing a song to come. Other times, there were memes, cats, and the weird frog from Futurama. During "Everybody Wants To Be Famous," they played their own music video, making for an inception type of deal.

Orono, just recently out of high school is young and impressive. Her tour has some big venues to its name and one thing I noticed at this Fonda show was the lack of rehearsal. This isn't a bad thing to be candid and on the spot, it's interesting to see her get a grasp of her environment as someone who seems to be new to an esteemed music scene. Over the period of the set, she would constantly say, "I feel weird." At one point, the backing band all left, leaving Orono with the crowd. It was there she welcomed questions from the audience for what seemed like an eternity (also not a bad thing), which was actually around 15 minutes. It was interactive and different than some of the usual shows I've been to.

I felt like I was in a video game a lot of the time too. Mainly because he backing vocals are refined and theatrical performers, accenting Orono's monotonous voice perfectly. The end of the set is where Superorganism got really interactive with the crowd, letting on around probably 30 people to dance on the stage.

Overall, it was a really weird night. But it was chill. I would do it again. I think Orono has a cool and long future ahead of herself and it'll be cool to watch her career with Superorganism grow.

Whitney Levine, DJ

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