The Overall FYF Fest 2017 Experience


A core theme ran through this year’s FYF. On multiple occasions, I heard artists and festival goers alike speak of the great impression music itself leaves on them. As acts like 6lack, Peter Sagar, and Anderson .Paak took the stage, they relayed important messages of the healing and unifying power of music. 

Toward the end of his set, Jonny Pierce of The Drums spoke of how he didn’t care about the success of his album, monetary gain, or deadlines enforced by a label. By creating music, his main goal has remained to help people escape the hardships one may face in day-to-day life, inspire and unify his listeners, and let his audience know that they are not alone in the struggles that they experience. 

This message of solidarity and reassurance went beyond genre. I believe that this wave of unity apparent at FYF is one of the main reasons the festival has grown from a small show into one of Los Angeles’ most anticipated events.  

FYF has coined the phrase “The Best Weekend of the Summer,” and rightfully so. This year's truly impressive festival had expanded into a three-day event, and boasted a stacked lineup. Nine Inch Nails, Missy Elliot, Iggy Pop, Frank Ocean, and MGMT were only a few of the acclaimed performers who graced the stage. Many found new favorites on the festival grounds, after catching the sets of Noname, Princess Nokia, or Royal Headache. 

Year after year, it’s clear that the attention to detail and lineup curation set FYF apart from other festivals. Goldenvoice continues to step it up while maintaining the atmosphere of the festival’s local, humble beginnings. I anxiously await to see what next year will bring. 



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