Pre-Festival Coverage: 5 Acts to See at FYF This Year

FYF is returning to Exposition Park for its 14th year. What started as an 18-year-old’s dream has now grown to be a heavily sought after event, and has secured a rapidly growing fan base. After more than a decade of successfully blending everything from experimental pop to R&B, the festival has proven to be a favorite of both Angelenos and international music lovers alike. Everything from food trucks to sponsors has been carefully curated to reflect the spirit and culture of the Los Angeles area, and paired with a stellar lineup, this year’s FYF is something you need to experience.

Aside from boasting headliners and crowd favorites such as Missy Elliott, Bjork, Frank Ocean, Nine Inch Nails, A Tribe Called Quest, and Iggy Pop, some KXSC favorites will be performing over the course of the festival’s jam-packed three days. Below are a few acts that we’ll definitely be seeing at this year’s festival.

The Drums (Saturday / The Trees Stage / 9:05-9:55pm)
Jonny Pierce’s now-solo project, The Drums, just released a new album titled Abysmal Thoughts. It’s chock-full with 1980’s-indie-pop-meets-surf-rock gems, and Pierce is sure to give an electrifying performance that tugs on your heartstrings.

King Krule (Saturday / The Lawn Stage / 7:30-8:25pm)
English singer Archy Marshall recently dropped two new songs on Mount Kimbie’s radio show after the two-year gap since releasing his last LP, A New Place 2 Drown. If these pieces are any indication of King Krule’s possible upcoming project, his FYF performance should be one to see.

Ty Segall (Sunday / The Lawn Stage / 5:30-6:20pm)
The prince of garage-rock will deliver a high-energy performance this Sunday. Thrashing, thumping beats will have the crowd dancing the entirety of Segall’s 50-minute set.

6LACK (Sunday / The Trees Stage / 9:10-10:00pm)
After returning from supporting The Weeknd on tour, 6LACK has only continued to create soulful R&B hits. His most popular song, PRBLMS, will take fans from singing along to the radio to singing in along in the crowd.

Anderson .Paak & the Free Nationals (Friday / The Lawn Stage / 10:10-11:10pm)
Paak is a truly stellar performer. His personal and profound lyrics combine with catchy tunes to create a captivating musical experience.

FYF 2017 has such a diverse and exciting lineup. Be sure to check back for staff reviews over the weekend!


Photo courtesy of Daily Beat

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