Pre-Festival Coverage: CRSSD 2017 (Must Sees)

CRSSD is this weekend at San Diego’s Waterfront Park and if you haven’t seen the lineup, definitely check it out. Although I was already familiar with a lot of the artists, I also discovered many more while going through the set list. These are a few artists that I’m most excited to check out...


1) Recondite (live)
Recondite is currently one of my favorite techno producers and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to see him. His melodic techno will be a treat to see!

2) Âme 
I first heard of Âme because he was a nominee for BBC’s Radio 1 Essential Mix of the Year (along with Recondite, Midland, and Dusky; all preforming at CRSSD!). Although he lost to Midland, it was still one of my favorite mixes out of the nominees. As the City Steps Saturday headliner, you wont want to miss this one!

3) Yotto
Yotto is one of the artists I discovered while compiling this list, and I was immediately impressed. His newest song “Fire Walk” recently reached number one on Beatport, so you know you’ll be hearing this banger during his set.


Honorable Mention: Damian Lazarus

I mean it’s Damian Lazarushouse...he's a house legend. And he’s preforming right before Recondite (who is playing right before Âme), so he’s a great choice if you’re parking yourself at the City Steps like I will be.

1) 2manydjs
Also known as Soulwax, the Dewaele brother’s side project has garnered a lot of attention since their debut in 2007. I’ve had five friends tell me to not miss their set, so I know I definitely have to catch these bros.

2) Lane 8 
California born DJ and producer Daniel Goldstein has been topping the charts with his tracks for several years. Working with artists like Eric Prydz, Above&Beyond, and Odesza, this deep house DJ has built a solid career filled with respect and admiration. I’ll be taking a City Steps break for this DJ!

3) Justin Martin
I’ve seen Justin Martin 4-5 times and haven’t been let down yet. The Dirtybird producer just released a remix album for Hello Clouds and it’s absolute fire. Justin Martin is headlining The Palms, so he’s an obvious choice if you love funky house music.


Possibly the artist I’m most excited to see even though I just discovered them days ago (thanks again CRSSD!) HVOB, also known as Her Voice Over Boys, is an Austrian producer/DJ duo that was founded around 2012. Their Robot Heart Burning Man 2016 mix is otherworldly and I highly recommend that everyone check them out (and then run over to see the end of Yotto’s set!).

2) Bob Moses
I love Bob Moses. Honestly, who doesn’t love Bob Moses? Catching them at the Do Lab during Coachella last year was definitely a highlight, and if you’re not interested in checking out Recondite or Justin Martin, Bob Moses is not a bad choice to be left with.

3) Giraffage
Although Giraffage isn’t the sound I usually am drawn to, there’s something special about his light, melodic, downtempo house. This dreamy sounding producer will be bringing some nice vibes to the Ocean View stage.
















City Steps


1)    Rødhåd

Rødhåd has been DJing around Berlin since the early 00s and is the owner of DYSTOPIAN records. I’ve never been able to see this Berghain regular until now, so you now where I’ll be Sunday. Quoting from Resident Advisor, “His style is always deep, powerful and melancholic - from dub to techno and back to house.”


2)    Peggy Gou

When my coworker told me he was going to CRSSD just to see Peggy Gou, I knew I had to check her out. After a couple of songs and I was hooked and will definitely be watching her set at City Steps.


3)    Midland

Midland won BBC 1 Radio’s 2016 Mix of the Year, this UK DJ will surely be impressive. From the UK, Harry Agius is known for his “kaleidoscopic taste” and is playing conveniently right after Peggy Gou.


Honorable: Seth Troxler b2b Eats Everything

Both Seth Troxler and Eats Everything are majorly talented DJs in their own right, so this b2b is going to be absolute fire.


The Palms

1)    Jackmaster

You never know what your going to get with Glasgow DJ Jackmaster. He was voted number 5 on Resident’s Advisor Top 100 DJ poll in 2015 and no matter what direction his set goes in musically you can guarantee it’ll be good.


2)    Claude VonStroke

One of my favorite DJs, Barclay Crenshaw founded of DirtyBird Records always brings the party. If you’re into upbeat weirdo house definitely close the night with Claude.


3)     Darius

Darius is another artist I just discovered and I’m really excited to check them out. His Disco and Funk inspired tracks are melodic and uplifting, creating a beach-y vibe.


Ocean View

1)    Dusky (live)

London production duo Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell are relatively new to the house scene but have already made a great impression. I’m really excited to catch them during sunset at the Ocean View stage.


2)    Elderbrook

Up and coming artist Elderbrook’s down-tempo hip-hop inspired tracks will be a great daytime set.


3)    Kasbo

Kasbo is another up-and-coming artist from Sweden who, similarly to Elderbrook, has a synth heavy sound with a hip-hop inspired beat. Should be a fun way to start of the day.

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