Pre-Festival Coverage: Lighting in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle is only a few weeks away (May 25th- 30th), and this “transformative festival” isn’t one to miss. Here are a few reasons why Lighting in a Bottle will be one of the best weekends of the summer!

5) Art
Transformative festivals (like Lighting in a Bottle) aim to not only provide attendees with outstanding musical performances, but also experiences outside the realm of music. Yoga, holistic workshops, and art help create a space that fosters personal growth and curiosity, making LiB much more than a place to party. The non-profit Do Art Foundation is curating live painting that will take place during the festival, making art accessible. Additionally, large-scale sculpture art installations will be scattered throughout the festival and are always a great break spot.

4) People
The best experiences at Lighting in a Bottle are the ones you create. That means participating in events, meeting new people, and exploring the unfamiliar. Since LiB is considered a transformative festival, attendees often leave with a feeling of change or insight. However, in order to experience this, you need to challenge yourself to be open and reflective - especially towards all the unique people surrounding you. Say hey to your camping neighbors, offer someone in the crowd a piece of gum, tell someone you like their outfit; you’d be surprised how much more a part of the festival you can feel when you get involved in a meaningful way. This openness is what makes the participants at LiB one of the highlights of the entire festival.

3) Workshops
Lighting in a Bottle is considered a transformative festival not only because of the people you meet and what you can experience, but because of the ample opportunities to learn. This year, LiB is introducing The Compass, which aims to, “bring a renewed focus on connecting activism and grassroots organizing to our core ethos of education, healthy living, environmental stewardship, and cultural respect.” There will be various workshops and speakers focusing on things like political activism and social justice, while also continuing to offer programs focused on personal growth, spirituality, and healthy living. I highly recommend attending at least one workshop or lecture - they add a whole new dimension to the festival experience.

2) Music
Kaytranada. Hernan Cattaneo. Richie Hawtin. Bassnectar. These are just a few of the dozens of artists playing at LiB. Whether you’re a techno snob or a bass head, you’ll always be able to find a set where you can get your groove on. You’ll most likely find me at the Woogie Stage, since I could be classified as the aforementioned techno snob, but I’ll definitely be visiting the Thunder and Lighting stages. Lighting in a Bottle is a great place to discover new genres and artists so be sure to explore!

 1) Water
This year, Lighting in a Bottle is becoming “Swimming in a Bottle” and I couldn’t be more excited! Due to the amble rain California has had this year, the empty reservoir LiB takes place on is actually 50% full; aka full enough to swim in but not full enough to impact the festival grounds. Definitely bring some inflatable rafts to you can float around while listening to your favorite DJs or have a “beach day” with your camping buddies. If you went to Symbiosis (another west coast transformative festival), you’ll remember that the ability to frolic around in the water after a long day dancing in the dust is an absolute game changer. Nothing is better than waking up in the morning and going for a swim!


Photos by Tony Edwards

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