Show Review: Leah Dou

Only 5 months after her jazzy and soulful debut album Stone Café, Leah Dou has made her Los Angeles debut last week at The Sayers Club in Hollywood. Leah, daughter of famous Chinese musicians Dou Wei and Faye Wong, has started her career on a very strong note. Singing primarily in English, Leah has managed to carve out a distinct style separate from both of her parents. 

Leah’s recorded music up until now has been primarily downbeat jazz-influenced pop. Her music could play in any coffee shop in the U.S. and fit right in. The Chinese musician's two biggest hits from Leah's previous album highlight her range and capability as a vocalist and songwriter. Both of the pop track are layered with depth. Leah has announced her sophomore release for later in 2017.

Her performance at the Sayers Club last Wednesday to a small cozy crowd gives hope that she is already working towards refining and innovating her sound. Watching Leah's electric performance revealed why she’s been gaining so much traction lately. Her performance was intimate and personal, her clothing looked like something she picked out herself, and her band played casually. It seemed like nobody was trying too hard, but in a god way. In this way, Leah Dou's aesthetic choices allowed for her singing and songwriting to make an even greater impression. Her soulful, bluesy style created a relaxing yet upbeat mood. Leah comes across as an artist with untapped emotional depth, and I can't wait to see what she does with it. 

REEL FRIENDS, 9 - 10 P.M. 

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