Pre-Show Coverage: CRSSD 2017

5 Tunes to Get You Pumped About CRRSD Fest  

Man am I excited about CRSSD this year! Not only is there a killer lineup (Âme, Recondite, Justin Martin, and Flume just to name a few). Plus, the beautiful location of CRSSD Fest makes it basically feel like a vacation. Held at Waterfront Park in San Diego, the venue combines great views, grassy lawns, and water features: things that other city festivals lack. This 21+ event, described to me as a “mini Coachella” is sure to be a great time and is only a 2.5 hour drive from Los Angeles. Here are a couple of newly released tracks by artists playing at CRSSD this year

1)    Swagon (feat. Ossy James) - Detlef  

Detlef I’ve seen this tech house remix inspire people to straight up RUN to the dance floor. Everyone knows the words to "Turn My Swag On" (by Soulja Boy) and it just becomes one giant 2008 flashback. Officially released in January by Repopulate Mars, if you check out Detlef’s set I’m sure you’ll be inspired to bust out the Superman to this track.

2) Vision (Rødhåd Remix) - Radio Slave

I’ve never been able to see this frequent Berghain regular until now, so you now where I’ll be Sunday. This new Rødhåd remix came out last year, and the throbbing beat will motivate toe-gazing and techno-swaying throughout the city steps.

3) Teleport (ZDS Remix) - Fritz Carlton

Mmmmm I love me some Fritz Carlton. This funky tech house track was released on Psycho Disco this month and I’ve been listening on repeat since. The rest of the EP is fire as well so be sure to check it out if you like getting groovy.

4) The Magic Room (Dino Lenny & Seth Troxler Re-Edit) Dino Lenny & Doorly

My good friend told me Seth Troxler was the guy not-to-miss and after hearing this track and I 100% agree. This groovy house track features seductive vocals praising the dance floor and the people you meet there, so be sure to check out Seth Troxler and the good ~vibes~ surrounding you.

5) Tear My Heart - Moon Boots

This newly released house track has all the good vibes you’d expect coming from Moon Boots.

GA tickets are still available here!

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