Air + Style Must See

Air + Style Must Sees Air+Style is this weekend at Exposition Park and I could not be more excited. The 3rd year of the annual festival features a combination of live music and skiing, not an obvious choice for a festival in sunny Los Angeles. As a member of the USC Ski and Snowboard Team this weekend will be a highlight of the year, and the official start to my festival season! Below I’ve compiled a list of my must-see artists for this exciting event.

4) St. Lucia  
St. Lucia, a band fronted by Jean-Phillip Grobler, released their first EP in 2012. I’ve seen them on a few festival lineups but never had a chance to see them before this weekend. Their synth-pop sound is uplifting and will be a nice compliment to the sunset.

I just discovered this band while listening to the Air + Style lineup and decided I would definitely be checking them out. Based in Los Angeles, duo Kyle and Vinnie released their first EP Broken Halo in 2015 and have been releasing music consistently ever since. They remind me of a Flume/Zhu crossover so if you’re into dark but melodic electronic music I’d definitely check them out at 3:50pm on the Summer Stage.

2) Chromeo  
Chromeo has been around for foreeeeeever (aka 2003) and have had multiple hits including “Fancy Footwork” and “Night by Night.” They just missed the Billboard Top 10 with thire album Business Casual. The duo's latest album, White Women has also produced a slew of popular songs like “Jealous” and “Come Alive." 

1) Flume
It’s hard to believe that anyone hasn't heard about Flume by now. Recently awarded a Grammy for best dance/electronic album, the Australian producer has become popular for his atmospheric, future bass music and is definitely the highlight of the Saturday lineup.

 4) Louis the Child
Oh Louis the Child, how much I love thee. Their song “It’s Strange” is the anthem of my longboard trip to class every morning and I’ve been dying to see the duo live since. Freddy Kennet and Robby Hauldron (a USC student) have been on the rise since 2015, playing at Coachella and Lollapalooza.

3) Major Lazer  
Diplo's high energy dancehall project has been everywhere this year due to their hit track “Cold Water” with Justin Bieber. However, they’ve been around for much longer than that, releasing their first album in 2009. A classic at most festivals, these guys know how to have a good time. Their secret set at the Do Lab (a Coachella stage) was one of the best shows that weekend, and “Pon de Floor” was one of my first favorite electronic songs (and also an amazing live performance). I always leave their set with a huge smile on my face and they’re sure to be a great end to the weekend.

2) TV On the Radio
TV on the Radio is why I decided I had to go to Air + Style. A mix of post-punk, electronic, and good old fashion rock and roll, TV on the Radio has been breaking genres with astounding creativity. Their album Return to Cookie Mountain features David Bowie, and the band has only become more talented since. Although the rock and roll band is very well know (at least in my group of friends), I promise you wont be disappointed if you decide to check them out. 


1) ZHU
Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Major Lazer multiple times, but the electronic artist I’m most excited to see this weekend is ZHU. This USC alumni has been killing it recently in the electronic world. He was the first ever “anonymous” artist to be nominated for a Grammy and his mysterious persona has created a dedicated following. This deep house artist is going to blow everyone away, don’t miss it!



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