The Drums at Fonda Theater

The Drums played their second sold out show in Los Angeles at the Fonda Theater this Friday evening. Their new album, Abysmal Thoughts released in June through ANTI- of this year has been received well by long-term fans and has earned them many more. This is the first album since singer Jonathan Pierce parted ways with long term band mate Jacob Graham.

Despite any qualms or worries The Drums might have had for how the new album would be received despite this split, they were soon set aside by the overwhelming amount of love and attention they have already received playing at music festivals such as FYF and now on the opening nights of their North American tour.

Jonny came out onto the stage wearing a custom jumpsuit with the title of his album printed on the back which matched the new aesthetic seen in the merchandise selection. He was super active on stage, dancing and making eye contact with the crowd. They played a good combination of songs off their new album but mixed in some classic favorites like “Let’s Go Surfing” and “Days”.

This new album, although still staying true to the same infectious, upbeat surf rock melodies, has a layer of personal resonance absent from previous albums. Jonny expressed his gratitude for his fans throughout multiple intermissions between songs. His new found appreciation for emotional vulnerability and messages of self exploration, love and honesty were interwoven into the night with the introduction of his new album. This album brought a lot of personal turmoils Jonny has experienced in his life to the surface and wanted his fans to understand how much he appreciates their seemingly endless support for him. I left the concert feeling closer to the band in the same way you leave a really great date night.



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