Show Review: Frankie Cosmos

On a dark and gloomy Thursday evening, I headed out to the Echo for Frankie Cosmos in the hopes that perhaps she, iji and Alyeska would bring some sunshine to the many concert- goers in attendance.

Thankfully, they all did just that. While it poured rain on the 101, we were nothing but smiles at the show.

The Echoplex was sold out with anticipation for Frankie Cosmos. It was a bittersweet performance performance for Frankie Cosmos and iji, as it was their last show together on tour. Staying true to their friendship, iji and Frankie Cosmos had played just the year before at Tthe Echo. I was lucky enough to see this show, and lucky enough to see the growth that both bands have gained this past year. over a year.

Iji performed just as good as I remembered. Engaging concert-goers, they even brought out Frankie Cosmos, disguised with a flannel over her face only revealing one eye. Unusually, it piqued our interest, as she started reading some sort of spoken word poetry over iji’s soft instrumentals.

Finally, Frankie Cosmos floated into their set with song “Floated In”. From there, they gave us over a dozen of tracks, mainly from their album Next Thing along with a few new tunes. Frankie Cosmos delivered a beautifully sincere and genuine performance. Many from the crowd found her performance especially impactful.

“It was perfect, it was very special,” Mackin Carroll told me, a Popular Music major at USC.

While it was their last night with iji, it was also their last performance with fellow bass player, Dave, making for an especially sentimental performance. During song “Outside With The Cuties”, Greta Kline made sure to point to her fellow band members during lyrics, “I love you.” Appropriately so, tears were shed and you could truly feel the love and respect that Frankie Cosmos has for their band members, for iji and for their fans.

Frankie Cosmos made the show experience feel as thoughas if it were good friends were getting together for a reunion. During song "Being Alive”, she brought out all the the entirety of the openers, one by one to sing a part of the chorus, along with some other friends.

When the crowd started cheering for an encore, Frankie Cosmos had decided it was best to conclude the evening with song “My I Love You”. The show had already been the perfect amount of poetry and heart. It was amazing to see the evolution of Frankie Cosmos and iji, to sell out Tthe Echo and later the Echoplex is a huge accomplishment. , and I’m honored to have been there for both shows.



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