KXSC September 2016 Hit List: [Summer Isn’t Over Until We Say So]


For those of you who were planning to get a solid start to the semester, tough luck. This September is packed with events to keep you up all night, and KXSC’s music crew is back in town and ready to get out and into it. What a time to be alive in Los Angeles.

Sean Morgenthaler - Music Director

3teeth w/ Vowws & Plack Blague at Viper Room - 09/02

3TEETH are this crazy industrial/dance band who kinda sound like KMFDM but a bit more modern. I've heard their shows are crazy and they just got a feature on Adult Swim so go check them out.

Club Illusion V @ Werk - 09/02

 So, DJ J Heat is from Night Slugs and Radar and ASMARA is from Nguzunguzu. Don't know their stylings too well, but their organizations are top tier and I'm probably gonna be at this, to feel it out. I think it'll be great, and definitely for budget conscious dudes.

Prototype 040: Droid Prime - Kobosil & Etapp Kyle - 09/03

Kobosil is a very techno man and Etapp Kyle is apparently a Russian techno god on Klockworks according to the description of this event. If you like untz untz untz nights, this might be for you. 

Saturdays Off The 405: Demdike Stare - 09/10

Demdike Stare are kind of a plunderphonics lo-fi dark ambient that takes a lot from old hip-hop tapes. They put on a killer set live, or so I hear. This is also at the Getty and it's free because why not. Definitely gonna go to this, interested.

Incognito 9 Year Anniversary: XHIN, Incognito - 09/10

Xhin has put out some great tapes recently and is also of that same techno beat that most of the bigger parties here are on. The style varies from super deep to really active and entertaining, and plus it's an anniversary party, so those are pretty good most of the time. 

Fine Time: Randomer, Shanti Celeste, Tahl K - 09/10

Fine Time are very much the homies and they've always got acts that make you go "how did they book these guys??". They put a great amount of work and care into their parties and have consistently kept the scene alive for a bit while the underground has been getting some heat. Randomer is also a techno god and crafts his live sets extremely well. Shanti Celeste is on Idle Hands and NTS and kinda fits into that outsider house scene so that's tight. And of course, there's yer boi Tahl, who consistently brings the jams in silk shirts. tl;dr go to this

Crystal Castles at the Fonda Theatre - 09/23

Dunno how good they are sans Glass, but they seem pretty good and so it'd be worth it to go imo. 

B-Side Los Angeles Presents- Kaiju, Thelem, Mesck, & Dubwol - 09/24

B-Side Krew bringing u the big ones. Kaiju released an album and of course it brings the bassweight classic dubstep style. The last Deep Medi show B-Side put on in LA was absolutely crazy and I'd not miss this. 

Chrome Sparks at Echoplex - 09/27

He made that one song that I like so maybe he'll play that one and I can pay like $60 for my ticket cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  cool  

Ramiro Mosquera - World Music Director

Clams Casino & Lil B at the Novo - 09/14

Some may say that with over a million twitter followers and over a million people followed, Lil B needs no introduction. Others may say that he shouldn't be allowed on stage and thus does not need an introduction. Chances are you know on what side of the spectrum you fall.

Gary Wilson at the Echo - 09/18

A staple in the land of the unknown and odd, a legend of weird, a cult performer since 1977 who has been sampled by Earl Sweatshirt, inspired Ariel Pink, and received fan mail from The Residents. Please, please go to this show, it will change something within you.

Music Tastes Good Festival - 09/23 to 09/25

With De La Soul, Iron & Wine and Sylvan Esso as headliners Music Tastes Good Festival already has a nice core of music to attract attention. But I think the real draw here will be the diverse middle and lower tiered acts that are tough to come by and that chances are you’ve never heard of. It’s the festival's first year but when KCRW puts its name behind something, that’s a good thing.

New Exhibitions at the Hammer Museum

The Hammer Museum may be associated with UCLA but that has not stopped them from having intriguing and worthwhile exhibitions in the past. Last August their long standing exhibition “Made in L.A.” was finally rotated out, it brought out various Los Angeles artists that ranged in background and medium. Three new exhibitions are opening in September, with artists from Beirut, Jamaica, and Switzerland bringing works that touch on topics ranging from environmental issues to black female subjectivity, it should be a good month for Hammer goers.

Zoe Citterman - R&B Director

Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Santa Monica Twilight Series - 09/01 

If you like psychedelic indie rock/funk/pop, come out to this show! It's free as a part of the Santa Monica Twilight Series, and is going to be really rad. Listen to Multi Love!

Childish Gambino in Joshua Tree -  09/02

Whether its producing, writing, acting, or doing stand up, Childish Gambino is constantly trying to break out from being considered "just a rapper". Now he's doing a very mysterious/experimental retreat in Joshua Tree that's going to be wild. I've never heard of an artist doing anything like this, but I trust him! If you haven't seen his short film (directed by Hiro Murai), check that shit out.

Sharon Jones + The Dap Kings, Trombone Shorty, Hall + Oates at the Hollywood Bowl - 09/20

Really Hall + Oates are the headliners here, but Sharon Jones + The Dap Kings and Trombone Shorty are both so so so good and put on a fun live show. Bringing a more old-school soul feel to the Hollywood Bowl. 

USC Visions and Voices presents Kamasi Washington - 09/21

Kamasi is one of the biggest names in jazz right now, and puts on an incredible live show. When I saw him at UCLA there were dual-drumsets and lots of dancing. Very good time and is going to be moderated by my comm professor, Josh Kuhn, who is really rad. Listen to The Epic!

TaKu at Novo LA - 09/21  

If you haven't listened to TaKu before, peep his 30 Days for Dilla project! Good show if you like electronic/hip hop beats. 

Lianne La Havas at Teragram Ballroom - 09/24

Lianne La Havas puts on a great live show. She's got an incredible voice, is kickass on bass, and is straight up so beautiful. 

Christina Nour - LA Music Director

USC Bands @ YONI! - 09/02

There will be a lot of KXSC people here, so come say hi! Check out what your friends in Thornton are working on.

Labor Day Weekend @ the Smell! - 09/02 

Great line up of local bands at an iconic venue, which is getting torn down and replaced by a parking lot in the coming months/years so be sure to catch a show here while you still can! 3 cheers for gentrification! 

Former KXSC DJ Bianca Lexis! - 09/09

She DJed SpringFest last year and it ruled, so this should be really fun! 

Benefit for the Smell! - 09/10

If you're into mosh pits, come to this show! Buy tickets early because it will definitely sell out! It's also for a good cause so come through :)

Porches @ the Echo <3 - 09/16

I just really love Porches and the Echo is a quintessential venue in LA, so be sure to check it out! 

Adult Books at Non Plus Ultra! - 09/17

LA bands at possibly one of the coolest venues around! Support local music!

Christian Koch - Loud Rock Director

Black Sabbath at the Hollywood Bowl - 09/19

The godfathers of metal may be getting old but I’ve heard they still do an awesome show. If you’ve never seen Sabbath, better hop on the opportunity before it’s too late!

Melvins at Music Tastes Good - 09/24

The Melvins are super heavy stoner metal with roots in punk and grunge. Seen them before, 10/10 would recommend to any metal fan.

Amon Amarth at San Manuel Amphitheater - 09/25

The hairy, bearded men who introduced the phrase “Viking metal” to my life will be taking the stage at this massive outdoor venue in San Bernardino. Though a bit heavy, seeing these guys is an experience we all need at one point or another.

Cameron Hejna - Electronic Music Director

Nonobject(ive) Summer Happenings Series at The Broad - 09/24

The summer is winding down, but the Broad is still going strong with its summer programming series. The September edition of Nonobject(ive): Summer Happenings features some of my personal favorites, so at least give a look. Headlining the multi-medium evening is SOPHIE, the producer behind such noted classics as 'Lemonade'. Also performing is Elysia Crampton, a bay-area native and frequent collaborator with NON and NAAFI. You also get same-day access to the museum. 

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