Transviolet: Review

Transviolet played for a very comfortable Echo crowd last Wednesday, August 10th. They had just finished being enamored and soothed by the previous musician, Bridgit Mendler, who, not surprisingly these days, was also a teen movie actress before transitioning to her songwriting career. Her bubbly personality set the mood for Transviolet, who seemed to mask their mature pop sound behind a very carefree and playful stage presence. 

Bridgit Mendler Acting Aloof

Bridgit Mendler Acting Aloof

Large stuffed tigers were placed onstage before the show by the band themselves. The animals sat underneath large plastic globes and fake clouds. The youthful mystique the band attempted to create ultimately came across as a bit childish. Although the music was quite powerful at times, the band's performance as a whole could use some refinement.

Personally, I believe that shows are meant to convey emotions and feelings, taking the listener on a journey - ideally the same journey the artists themselves went on to create that music. This show ultimately felt a little disjointed, the props didn't match the music, and the music in between songs played by their producer, dark and mysterious electronic ambient tracks, also didn't seem to fit all that well.

Transviolet may have some solid pop songs, but they're a long ways away from their similar sounding artists Lorde or Halsey. Luckily, they have time to mature and grow, as their first album has yet to be released and is slated for later this year.


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