Low End Theory: Pre-Fest Coverage

LOW END THEORY: Pre-FestCoverage

Warning Downtown Los Angeles Residents, especially those residing near the University of Southern California, board your windows and tie down anything of value for Saturday July 23rd there will be a trembling in the air. It won’t be from the typical So Cal Earthquake however, but from the bass heavy Low End Theory Festival blasting away at the Shrine Auditorium. 

This years festival headliners include the Wu Tang rappers Raekwon and Ghostface. Both rappers may be past 45 but this is no nostalgic throwback, each has remained relevant and unafraid to change and develop on the style that earned them worldwide fame. Ghostface Killah’s collaboration with canadian jazz group BADBADNOTGOOD, ur Soul, tands as a demonstration of Ghostface’s ability to work with the jazz roots of rap without sounding outdated. Raekwon’s latest solo release y International Luxurious Art integrated both modern prodution heavy hip hop with the old school MC flow flawlessly. A$AP Rocky’s verse on ot Money s him spitting a smooth buttery flow rarely found in his own music. It’ll be difficult to predict exactly what (or who) these headliners will bring on Saturday, but expect the unexpected from two men with deep and still living roots in the rap scene. 

Rounding out the more traditional hip hop artists at the festival are the dark and enigmatic Jonwayne and the relaxed and storytelling Milo. Out of the two, look out for Jonwayne, this’ll be his first performance this year after dropping three singles that showcase his evolution as an artist since his first releases Bowser I Don’t Care. is recent releases sound like a man who has been thinking about a lot for a long damn time and has finally found the right podium to profess his qualms and consternations. On the soulful and melodic at’s Ok it feels like he’s busting into an old western saloon, drawing the gazes of the room upon himself and calmly asserting his presence as valid . As per his Twitter, he will bring with him a live band, which may be a welcome instrumental respite from the otherwise producer heavy lineup. Take credence to notion from his track mp Shot “It’s ready to blow”. 

As expected with Low End Theory the lineup is also packed to the brim with various producers and DJ’s, from industry legends like INVISBL SKRATCH PIKLZ, pioneers of turntablism that have decades worth of experience to the more experimental and abstract artists such as Dibiase and Eureka the Butcher. The lineup also includes the regulars from Low End Theory, amongst them Daddy Kev, whose name can now be explained as representing his role in putting this collective, this scene, this festival, all together. This Saturday come with an open mind and be ready to explore one of the hearts of Los Angeles’ underground music scene, away from the glitz and the glamour, directly beside the fire. 

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