Interview with Founder of Enchanted Forest Gathering, Tulku Spiritflow

Showcasing over 70 musical acts, Enchanted Forest Gathering brings a bass-heavy, booty-shakin' curation featuring Shpongle, Polish Embassador and much more! Not to mention the exclusive yoga and flow arts events as well. Check out our exclusive interview with the founder of Enchanted Forest Gathering. 

What is the Enchanted Forest Gathering? 
Well, the elevator pitch would read something like: A gathering that inspires personal growth, encourages collective sharing and redefines conscious celebration

How and why did you come up with the idea to create such a unique festival? 
As with most good ideas is was based on a tight group of friends. A group of us would commonly travel the festi-circuit and within each festival we would create our own party within a party focused on extreme contact dancing, ridiculous cuddle puddles and all sorts of tom-foolery. Eventually, I decided to create an event that was custom made for our way "festivaling," and the Enchanted Forest Gathering was born. 

What is something that the Enchanted Forest Gathering brings that is unique? 
Hmmm... Tis a good question. "The vibe" would the reflection I get from people the most. Which is for the most part nearly unquantifiable. EFG has always attracted absolutely stellar human beings. We are a rare bird in that we don't allow alcohol at our event. Not that we have anything against it but we are very interested in the energy that is created when thousands of people gather and that element is left out of the energetical cocktail. In six years there have been no fights, the morning afters are clean and clear and women continually reflect that it is a total game changer in the interactions with men. 

What has been the most rewarding part of being apart of the inter-workings of this festival? 
Festivals are emblematic of the ol' adage the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It is just great to be a part of something that can be a catalyst for so much joy, love, healing ect.. in people's lives. I occasionally get stories from people who met each other and fell in love, had some sort of revelation or breakthrough ect... I work on this festival anywhere from 40 to 60 hours a week for about 9 months. All for an end goal that manifests itself over 4 days. It is incredible to witness so much energy being poured into sa common vision by so many different people. 

Are there any surprises at the Enchanted Forest Gathering this year? 
Plenty! Of course, if I told you about them they wouldn't be a surprise. The two I am most excited are the Saucy Spa, where we host the Dr. Bronners foam tub, Sauna and surprise line-up of DJs that host our shower party's. Because showers are always that much more fun with friends and foam. 

Second up is our comedy stage. A new addition for us this year with shenanigans galore. The improv group that we have got to take the stage won't be limited to it. Expect the unexpected around any corner this year at EFG.

Who are you most excited to see perform this year? 
PantyRaid and Hamsa Lila. I actually saw Hamsa Lila play for the first time at Earthdance which used to happen at Black Oak Ranch same venue as EFG. It is amazing to have played a hand in bringing them back. They put on an incredible show. As for Pantyraid, they are just sooooo good and haven' toured in years. We are 1 of only 2 CA festivals they are playing this year. 

What kind of advice do you have to anyone that's interested in founding their own festival? 
Don't' do it!!! Joking(sort of)

There is a whole lot involved you would never even think of until you are all up in it. So the best advice is start small, build your community & vision and find others that have done it before and work with them. 

Check out the official Enchanted Forest Gathering website and purchase your tickets here!

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