New R&B Adds: Beyoncé, Chloe X Halle

Beyoncé - LemonadeWhat can be said about this slice of excellence that has not already been said? This is obviously going to be one of the best albums of the year even if you do not consider the visuals. Lyrically it takes you on a journey about family, love, and self-respect, and that does not even scratch the surface of all the themes ofLemonade. I am going to be honest and say, Beyoncé has not been an R&B artist since 4 and she really proves that here by sliding between pop, R&B, hip-hop, and… country? Beyoncé truly breaks the mold here and even for people that are not normally fans of her sound or are not black, it is worth a listen as there truly is something here for everybody. I could write an essay about the perfection that is this album, but there are already better written think piecesand I am sure everyone already has their opinion about it. KEN

Recommended Tracks: All, especially “Hold Up” (2), “Sorry” (4), “Six Inch (feat. The Weeknd)” [5], “Don’t Hurt Yourself (feat. Jack White)” [3], “All Night” (11), “Formation” (12)

RIYL: art, Beyoncé, perfection, Anti-era Rihanna

Chloe X Halle - Sugar Symphony EP: In other Beyoncé related news, the first signees to Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment released their debut EP today and it is excellent. The sisters first came to fame due to singing an excellent cover of “Pretty Hurts” from Beyoncé’s self-titled album and have since appeared in the Lemonade visual sitting alongside Ibeyi, Zendaya, and Amandla Stenberg. One their debut EP,Sugar Symphony the singer-instrumentalists experiment with electronic tinged R&B that is more reminiscent of a Solange experimentation then Beyonce’s latest work. The visual for their track “Drop” is engaging as the girls play in a grassy field, but it is impossible to ignore their vocals which cascade into your headphones as though they were beamed in from space. Chloe X Halle have appeared seemingly from nowhere with a sound that is very contemporary, but also sounds little like anything else out right now. I am really excited to see their career over the next couple years and how they grow and develop, but until then we have this excellent introduction. KEN

Recommended Tracks: “Drop” (1), “Red Lights” (2), “Thunder” (4)

RIYL: Solange, KING, Kelela, Saint Heron, Ibeyi

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