KXSC Spring 2016 Fundraiser!

Happy April! All month long KXSC will be having a fundraiser in order to keep the station alive and functioning! 

Due to dwindling funding, college radio stations are facing program closures across the country and we're trying to prevent this from happening at USC. KXSC does not receive any guaranteed funding from USC, and at the current rate, the station will be out of funds in just a few years. So help us out and support your local college radio station, DONATE HERE ignite.usc.edu/kxsc 

If you are in the LA area, we encourage you to tune-in for special programming and come out to one of the many events we will be having throughout the month: 

April 9: Alumni Programming - Tune-into KXSC today to hear alumni DJ's taking over the airwaves for 24 hours!

April 9 - April 15: 24 Hours Programming - KXSC is broadcasting during all hours of the day! Listen for special shows where DJ's will get creative and do anything from reading a play to devoting their show exclusively to 90's throwbacks.

April 12: DJ's at Tommy Trojan - KXSC is bringing tasty beats to Tommy Trojan from 12 - 1 pm. Listen to sweet tunes while you chow down on your lunch. 

April 14 & April 21: Henna - In honor of our love for music festivals, we'll be on Trousdale starting at 12 pm doing henna for only $2-$5! You won't wanna miss these. Also, word on the street is that there's even going to be KXSC Henna Tattoo's as well.

April 25: Ella Fitzgerald Programming - Happy birthday to our favorite female jazz artist, Ella Fitzgerald! In honor of her special day, we're spinning all Ella tracks all day long.

April 30: Jazz Programming - Closing out Jazz Appreciation month, we're exclusively playing jazz music today! Tune in for all of your favorite classics as well as experimental jazz.    

More details and events about our potluck coming soon!    


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