New Hip Hop Adds: Open Mike Eagle, Royce Da 5'9"

Open Mike Eagle - Hella Personal Film Festival: What most would consider 'backpack rap'. Open Mike Eagle's pretty prolific in the underground scene, and is based here outta Los Angeles. Homie is connected to Project Blowed (peep freestyle fellowship if you haven't and are into this kinda shit) and Hellfyre club, another underground record label. 'Hella Personal Film Festival' is nerdy as fuck at times and don't be expecting any bangers, but the beats are honestly fun to listen to and the kid's got a fun flow. Shit sports funk and soul influences and sing-song hooks (even though they get annoying at parts) w/ features from Aesop Rock and Hemlock Ernst. I fuck with 'admitting the endorphin addiction', 'drunk dreaming.' JAISON

Royce Da 5'9 - Layers: You might recognize the Detroit rapper from his long history with eminem, or his beef with D12 or Dr. Dre or 50 cent, or most likely from his collaborative album Prhyme with legendary hip-hop Producer DJ Premier of Gangstarr. 'Layers' is one long exhibition of lyricism, basically. It's wordy and dense as fuck. 'Layers' sees Royce on his soapbox spitting cautionary hood tales. This is strictly boom bap shit with bullshit filler hooks rarely making an appearance. 'Pray', 'Shine', and 'Flesh'. JAISON 

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