New World Adds: Felix Laband, Vol. 9

Felix Laband - Deaf Safari: Felix Laband has been around the South African music scene for awhile, moving from thrash punk to electronica. His releases seem few and far between and has something less than a striking sound and presence to someone unfamiliar with the scene. However, his sound is calming. It’s hard to perceive punk roots in someone whose sound lays soft tapping rhythms and music box lullabies onto spoken word samples. Minimalists like Laband can be very hard to differentiate and can often fall pray to being boredom. This album teeters on that distinction at times, but I think it and his other works are just somehow to be unique. IAN

RIYL: Nosaj Thing

Recommended Tracks: Ding Dong Thing, Getting OldThe Devil Threatens Me

La Souterraine - Vol. 9:  Vol. 9 is a compilation album of some really cool underground French and Francophone pop music that has come out very recently. It is a very swell album that I would suggest everyone give a listen and see what they think cause music is subjective and all that, ya feel? It has a very wide range of music, most of it fairly simple and almost listless or meandering in its progression. It is an easy album to sort of bob your head and "chill" too I postulate (Except for Track 3, "Paranoia," that one is kinda loud). RAMIRO

 Recommended Tracks: 2, 7, 8, 10. They are v cool and B++ material.  

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