New Loud Rock Adds: Monomyth, Dope Smoker, Killswitch Engage

Monomyth - Exo: I came upon this album by accident, really did not expect to like it so much! Apparently Monomyth has been making waves in the psychedelic rock community for the last couple years. They specialize in space rock and krautrock. Exo is one of the most interesting instrumental albums I’ve heard. It really accomplishes the goal of taking my consciousness to a far off planet with huge, impossible structures and biology-defying creatures. But you know I wouldn’t be adding it if it didn’t also have some SUPER BITCHIN’ RIFFS!! The progression towards a very heavy climactic ending in each song is tastefully done. There’s not a moment where I think “they need to crank this up” or on the flip-side, “oooookay that’s enough guitar mashing for me.” It’s just an engaging rollercoaster through the cosmos. I’m having a tough time capturing this album in words, just go listen to it :) CHRISTIAN

RIYL: Influenced by Pink Floyd and Sleep

Recommended Tracks: Uncharted (1), ET Oasis (3)

Dope Smoker - MarijuanaDope Smoker hail from South West Wales, which the band describes as a place “where everyone smokes dope and surfs.” Their 5th album since debuting in 2014 (!!!), Marijuana feels to me like a true tribute to Sabbath. This record is exactly if Black Sabbath were dropped into 2016, smoked our laboratory-potency reefer, and recorded an album. The guitar tones are classic heavy fuzz, done medium rare with a little char on the edges. The vocals are sparse but on point; in quieter parts, it’s a soft lilt, but when the riffs drop the vocalist dives into 100% Ozzy mode. Pretty sweet album overall from these rising worshippers of darkness. CHRISTIAN

RIYL: Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Electric Wizard

Recommended Tracks: Jammer (1), Ever (4), Natas (9)

Killswitch Engage - Incarnate: Killswitch Engage have been killing the metalcore game since the turn of the millennium. Many fans lost their dedication after lead vocalist Howard Jones’ departure in 2011. I know I really liked their 2000s hits, but I wasn’t sure if this new material would hold up. Incarnate, the band’s seventh studio album, erases all doubt in the heavy metal innovation of Killswitch Engage. These guys don’t just meet the status quo of popular metal. They create genuinely interesting progressions and explore uncharted territory with many of their breakdowns. As far as instrumentals and “unclean” vocals, I’d say Incarnate represents some of the best in the game right now. My only gripe is with the clean vocals at times, but they’re a style I know many other people do like. Regardless, the instrumentals are straight fire on this album. It’s not often I really dig “pop” metal albums like this so I’m glad to have the chance to add it. Be sure to wear protective gear when handling this album, it’s flame! CHRISTIAN

RIYL: Bullet For My Valentine, All That Remains, Trivium

Recommended Tracks:  Embrace the Journey (6), Alone I Stand (1)


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