KXSC Fest Vendor: The Bootleg Theater

The Bootleg Theater is a popular year-round performance venue located in Los Angeles. Situated in a former 1930s warehouse, the Bootleg is a brick-walled performance art space with two stages and a small bar that presents theater, music, dance, film, and comedy events.The Bootleg Theatre features cutting-edge, diverse performances thanks in part to its open-mindedness when it comes to performers. It supports and collaborates with both well-established and emerging indie music, theater, and dance artists to create dynamic live experiences that are electrifying, contemporary and beyond compare. Past performers include Local Natives, Nick Waterhouse, and Dizzy Wright.

The Bootleg Theatre is one of the offspring of a non-profit theater company called the Rampart Theater Project, Inc. The non-profit branch of the Bootleg Theater provides services for local artists. They produce and mentor some of the most promising up and coming Los Angeles-based artists, while the for-profit Bootleg Theater manages the bar and music performance venue. It also offers a space to the non-profit for its performance space needs.

The Bootleg will also be selling tickets, providing information about upcoming shows and holding tickets giveaway, so be sure to check them out! TARA

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