KXSC Fest Artist: Mansions on the Moon

Mansions on the Moon is a group of many paradoxes. Their beats are simultaneously danceable and chill, their vibe both futuristic and nostalgic. Though their songs conjure faded polaroid images of palm trees, ocean waves, and other popular California motifs, the group originally hails from Virginia Beach, VA. The experimental love-child of psychedelic indie rock and down-tempo electronic, Mansions on the Moon allows listeners of all musical tastes to get lost in their unique sound. Inspired by the group’s impulsive move to LALALand, “Somewhere Else Tonight,” a hit from their 2014 self-titled album, provides a taste of the electronic flare found within MOTM’s wide-ranging repertoire of sounds. 

“You never know with us. We play all kinds of music,” drummer Lane Shaw told NylonGuysMag.com two years ago. Added on bass-player and keyboardist Jeff Maccora, “we just make music that we like.” The synth-pop trio embraces their enigmatic musical identity—and with good reason. It is this avant-garde, experimental sound that has earned MOTM praise from voices such as hypetrack, who called Mansions on the Moon “the most interesting recording artists to have emerged this year” after the release of their debut mixtape Paradise Falls in 2011. For those craving a sample of the group’s chiller arrangements, check out their decisively more laid-back song, “Leaves Fall.” 

For readers who are still skeptical about Mansions on the Moon, the group’s work alongside legendary artists should give them ample credibility. In 2011, the group joined Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller on their Green Carpet Tour, and has since has played over a dozen shows alongside energetic dance-pop duo Cherub. Mansions on the Moon has not only produced official remixes for Zee Avi and Foster the People, but also worked closely with talents such as Big Gigantic, Pharell Williams, and members of both Chiddy Bang and N*E*R*D when producing their albums. Still skeptical? Go to KXSC Fest on March 26th and decide for yourself whether Mansions on the Moon is worth the hype. 

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