KXSC Fest Sponsor: The Lorenzo

The Lorenzo – an upscale student apartment complex – is one of KXSC Fest 2016’s main sponsors. The Lorenzo houses a hefty chunk of USC’s off-campus student population, so it’s essentially a fortress of collegiate decadence. It features a dazzling array of amenities, including four resort swimming pools, two upscale gyms, a massive study room and much, much more. Surprisingly, rates are still cheap and the location is absolutely prime. Situated off the intersection of Figueroa and Adams, the Lorenzo is conveniently close to USC and even provides bikes for its residents to commute to and from campus. With so many students nearby, the Lorenzo is also an ideal choice for International students or those just getting acquainted non-USC housing situations. Check out thelorenzo.com for more information; new fall rates have just been released, so hurry on over to lease ASAP.  

Catch the Lorenzo this weekend at KXSC Fest where they will be heading up a tie-dye both! Tie-dye NEVER goes out of style so come create a unique, psychedelic pattern for free at KXSC Fest. DYLAN 

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