KXSC Fest Sponsor: Apliiq

Apliiq’s approach to customizable fashion goes beyond basic. Started in 2006, this LA-based new media fashion company is a notorious innovator in the fashion start-up scene. Aplliq allows individuals to custom design their own streetwear through the practice of applique – the process of embellishing clothes through stitching fabric on top of the garment – rather than screen-printing or tailoring. The company additionally acts as a platform for creative entrepreneurship, offering discounts and deals to fledgling brands that order in bulk. Every order is handmade one at a time, and this commitment to craftsmanship (/craftswomenship/craftxship) shows in Appliq’s product; their hoodies, shirts, hats and more all feature marvelously curated fabrics that range from rare to recognizable. Appliq is ideal for any campus group in need of alluring attire. The company’s website (apliiq.com) is gorgeous + easy to maneuver, and they also have a physical location at 440 Seaton St. Above all else, be sure to check out their stuff at the 2016 KXSC Fest on March 26th! DYLAN

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