New Loud Rock Adds: Baroness, The Sword, Sleep

Baroness - Purple: Baroness has been creating high quality progressive heavy metal since debuting with the Revolver Album of the Year in 2007. Purple features much of the same material we’ve seen in their past few records, namely pretty technical, melodic progressive metal! While they do play around with beats and time signatures somewhat, it’s really not that obnoxious at all, anyone who digs metal could enjoy Purple. I’m admittedly a greater fan of their earlier work and you can expect a continuation of shift in musical tone towards a Rise Against sort of vibe. However, they still shred and this installation is more than worthy of an add. CHRISTIAN

RIYL: Mastodon, Red Fang, Rise Against

Recommended Tracks: Desperation Burns (8)If I Have To Wake Up (9)

The Sword - High Country: My favorite stoner rockers released an album back when school was starting. Although I’ve seen the CD lurking around the station for ages, I’ve been debating adding it because it’s slightly off of what I’m used to. With this album, The Sword has moved from a Viking-metal type vibe towards a more Jack White rock n’ roll vibe. Regardless, they still do what I love them for, which is air-guitar worthy riffs combined with the clean yet high energy vocals of John D. Cronise. If you get a chance to listen to this album, definitely go with my recommended tracks first! CHRISTIAN

RIYL: Sleep, Black Sabbath, Jack White

Recommended Tracks: Mist & Shadow (5)Buzzards (11)

Sleep - Holy Mountain (1993): As a personal fan of the genre, it’s only fair that I add one of the most influential stoner doom albums of all time as my first classic. Sleep might be slightly better known for Dopesmoker, a 63 minute trek through the deserts of hopelessness. However, you have to be at Purple Haze Level 5 to listen to that album. Do so at your own risk. Holy Mountain is far more relatable at all levels of sobriety (though best served baked), featuring some of the most iconic metal guitar riffs of all time. The tone of Matt Pike’s guitar is raw and aggressive, making for interesting noise in addition to the actual melodies. The slow and precise drumming of Chris Hakius holds the whole slow doom thing together, a skill few people have. Lastly, bassist and frontman Al Cisneros has these awesome diverse vocals that range from brutal yelling to Ozzy. I really love this album and if you think you want to dig metal, and you don’t right now, just turn this up really loud and keep listening. You will learn to go crazy to this! IAN

RIYL: Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Melvins

Recommended Tracks: Holy Mountain (6)Aquarian (5)From Beyond (8)

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