New Electronica Adds: Blawan, Terror Danjah, Kuedo, Roza Roza, Kid Lib

Blawan - Communicat 1022: If you're not used to the Sheffield native's hugely original take on techno, this could be a good place to start. The Communicat EP is less abrasive than his previous releases (check out "Why They Hide They Bodies Under My Garage" for Raz's fav track of 2012.) Blawan's iconic masSIV drums are still present in the EP, but they weave effortlessly into the ambient techno. Blawan shifts his sound into experimental territory with the bouncii "Rubber Industry", but puts out in "Say What You Want" and gives you that 4-to-the-floor that will actually keep you awake in the club at 4am. TRAK: Listen to Resident Advisor's top track of 2011, courtesy of the Sheffield lad himself. RAZ

RIYL: NON-GENERIC TECHNO, drums, Fugees samples

Recommended Tracks: Say What You Want, Lit Up

Terror Danjah - Mars: Massive grime ledge Terror Danjah (rivals Craig David "tbh") revived his label Hardrive, and dropped the 7th EP on there - Mars. It is exactly what he is known for: instrumental grime bangers. There's not much to say about this aside from the fact that it pretty much hits that solid instrumental grime itch that I know many of you have, and without straying too far into weird territory (which grime producers tend to do a lot these days), this EP goes back to the roots, the Risky Roadz, the No Hats No Hoods type grime. Guarantee you Danjah's gonna come out with a sick RIP mix with a great MC in a month or two innit. SEAN

RIYL: Butterz, Logan Sama, JT The Goon, DJ XTC, long lost 2003 grime cuts

Recommended Tracks: Mars, Mile Gully


Kuedo - Assertion Of A Surrounding PresenceThis is your futurist add for the week. If you guys were aware of our Roly Porter add a few weeks ago, this is the Yang to his Yin; Kuedo and Roly Porter were once both in Vex'd, a duo which took a seriously industrial approach to dubstep (a la Milanese).  
Kuedo is now on his own and his approach to music during this period is simply trying to reconstruct everything in his own way. Usually when these types of EPs happen, they tend to be an average mishmosh of several different genres, each attempting to stand out, but neither working out particularly well. However, this is sincerely something different. Starting off with "Vertical Stack", the EP opens with what sounds like bone flutes whistling into 0PN style synth swells and transitions perfectly transitions into "Border State Collapse", which somehow infuses gamelan bells & polyrhythms with grime-style hi-hats and a rumbling backing track. "Boundary Regulation" brings us into a strange and ethereal techstep melody, while tracks like "Eyeless Angel Regulation" & "Event Tracking Across Populated Terrain" bring Kuedo back to gamelan & Eastern traditional music.
Overall, this EP is a fantastic and a nice blend of several different genres, held together by an overall theme of Eastern traditional music and polyrhythms. Highly recommended. SEAN

RIYL: Vtgnike, Genioh Yamashirogumi, gamelan, interesting song titles

Recommended Trax: Eyeless Angel Regulation, Boundary Regulation





Roza Roza - (that's actually the title): I don't know who this artist is, but Kelly Neckebroer commented 'massive' on their track on SoundCloud, so obviously it needed to be added. The SoundCloud tag called it '#frantictechno' which annoyed me because I went to Mt. Analog this weekend and every section was titled "techno" which wasn't great for categorization purposes but also not everything is techno, especially UK grime artists who I found under the "UK techno section" hahaha Americans.

RIYL: eclectic dance music, obscure SoundCloud producers

Recommended Tracks: '-' and '---'(those are actual track names)

Kid Lib - The Raggamuffin EP & The Junglemuffin: I'm a massive sucker for anything jungle-related. And this is extremely jungle-related. Kid Lib's a pretty interesting producer in that he does something that a lot of producers claim to do, but don't actually: composes music on its original equipment.

In case you don't quite get the importance of this video clip, I'll break it down: what you're seeing is a functional Atari ST (a 30 year old computer) which runs a copy of Cubase pre-3.0 (which was designed for the Atari ST as a DAW, and was one of the first DAWs to have 16 tracks to compose music with), and an AKAI S950 (one of the first internal samplers, which had an internal memory of 2.25 MB (wow!!)). Basically if you had this setup in '92, you were a god incarnate: a person with the ability to compose whatever you wanted to with no regard for any limitations. Nowadays, it's viewed as totally antiquated and slow/sluggish, when compared to any modern DAW. But allow me to don my rose-tinted glasses for a time that I never experienced, and quote YouTube user "jeremiasz rebelka", "There is something magical in this old gear (I still use my amiga today) - simplicity does not go in the way of creativity. Limitations demand creativity."
Kid Lib thrives on this, and manages to excel two ways in jungle -- once with the traditional Amen Break madness that brings back memories of LTJ Bukem and old Tom & Jerry records, and another with the ragga jungle which DJ Hype M-Beat found themselves enamored with. "Lookout" & "Untitled (Zoo Tune)" are the standouts, both focusing on the atmospheric & sample-heavy side of jungle, but the former incorporates a flautist backing track while the other seems to take the backseat to its sample, one of a molded piano synth and Enya-style vocals with non-traditional break formats. On Raggamuffin, "Big Mouth People" and "Bazooka Get Jealous" are cut from the same cloth, and both feature amazing backing tracks by Ragga MCs, with the difference lying in their use of these samples throughout the tracks: "Big Mouth People" features soul vocals interspersed with a honky tonk piano, and "Bazooka Get Jealous" comes with a cool vocal sample which features one of the best gunshot riddims I've heard in a while.
TL;DR: If you like drum 'n' bass or jungle or 'ardcore (u kno the score?), this is a really nice listen. Brings ya back. SEAN

RIYL: LTJ Bukem, DJ Hype, Tom & Jerry, getting sorted, hooj choons
Recommended Trax: Lookout, Untitled (Zoo Tune), Big Mouth People, Bazooka Get Jealous

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