New Hip Hop Adds: Remy Banks, Mac Miller


Remy Banks - higher: First there was A$AP Rocky with A$AP Mob, then there was Joey Bada$$ with Pro Era, and now there's Remy Banks of the World's Fair collective. Like the other two artists, Remy Banks is an east coast rapper based in New York who you may recognize from his featured verses on Domo Genesis's projects (including Cold World off of the warmly received 2013 Hodgy-Domo-Left release Mellowhigh). Released right before his 2015 tour with Earl Sweatshirt, higher. is a short and easy-to-digest offering from Banks that is equal parts banger and classic in terms of its sound. Fans of more classic rap might appreciate songs like The Function and Higher, while those who prefer a little excitement in their music might skip over to tracks like Let 'Em Know and NIGO. I've been bumping this one consistently since May and I highly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of underground hip hop. Also, if you end up liking this add, it's probably important to let you know that he'll be doing a show with Flatbush Zombies and A$AP Twelvyy in LA in late April. Hop on those tickets, yeah? SHAWN


Mac Miller - GO:OD AM: After dropping the critically acclaimed mixtape Faces, Mac Miller took his time quietly working his way through 9 albums worth of material until he settled on a particular body of work, known to everyone as GO:OD AM. Compared to its predecessors, GO:OD AM feels like a breath of fresh air, as Mac raps with a more active and awake tone, despite still admittedly struggling with the demons that pervaded his last album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off. The production also follows suit, which sounds like an agglomeration of the sounds of all of his releases up until this point. Tracks to look out for on this project are Doors, Brand Name, God Speed, When in Rome, and 100 Grandkids. SHAWN

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