New LA Adds: Unkle Funkle

Unkle Funkle - Supernatural: Unkle Funkle is the solo project of Chris Uehlein of The Memories and White Fang. People call him Funkle. He seems to have a knack for creating personas and alternate universes. His latest album, Supernatural, is experimental funky medieval electronic music. The whole album is a story, so it’s great to listen to from start to finish. This album starts out with Funkle narrating a fairy tale about a king going on a quest back in time to defeat an evil dark lord and save a princess and his dog. He would be really great at having one of those jobs where you read books to kids at the library. There’s dramatic movie soundtrack music to go along with the story he’s telling. It all feels like a video game or storybook. He even does different voices for the different characters on a couple of songs. Funkle is quite a character in the LA music scene. He’s originally from San Francisco, moved to Portland for a while, and now lives in LA. He’s the VP of the record label Gnar Tapes along with some other band members from White Fang and The Memories including Rikky Gage. His previous album was called Picture of My Dick (the album cover was literally a picture of his dick). It’s pretty hilarious. This album is really quirky, but that’s who Funkle is, and I love it. CHRISTINA

RIYL: Dan Deacon, Anamanaguchi, Tobacco, Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Memories, White Fang

Recommended Tracks: Supernatural, In the Valley of the Sun, Magic Woman, Can You Save Me, I’m Losing My Mind

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