New World Adds: Kanuku Y El Tigre, Bareto

Kanaku Y El Tigre - Quema Quema Quema: Quema Quema Quema is Kanaku Y El Tigre's sophomore album (and first International Release) after releasing Caracoles in 2010. The album is crisp and has a very honed sound that transmits the thoughts of this psychedelic folk collective group in a wondrous way. The album takes similar sounds of older traditional latin folk music and innovates with modern instrumentation and production that makes the album appeal on a much broader scope. It is a joyful, refreshing album that looks at both life and death in an uplifting way. "Si Te Mueres Manana" deals with how we live our lives and whether or not we would be content if we were to dietomorrow. "Nunca Me Perdi" deals with existential thoughts on self-identity and dealing with personal demons. I really, really recommend this album more so than most things I have sent your way. RAMIRO

Recommended Tracks: Si Te Mueres Manana, Quema Quema Quema, Burn Burn BurnNunca Me Perdi

Bareto - Impredecible: In exploring world music it can be rewarding to go outside our comfort zones and discover new sounds and genres. Also hailing from Peru, Bareto's album Impredecible ("unpredictable") is just that, it shifts genre's from traditional cumbia (El Impredicible) to Afro-Caribbean (El Loco) to some space-age guitar musings (La Voz del Sinchi). The groups appeal is how it is able to bring these genre's together in a way that does not feel loose or unstructured. This album is a great way to be introduced to some of the music that emulates Latin American culture and permeates the Discotecas below the border. RAMIRO

Recommended Tracks: La Pantalla (video about how media destroys youth, it's actually a huge problem back home in Argentina, this video does a good job of illustrating the issue), El Impredecible (My Dad loves this song and he's a great guy ask Ian), El Loco  

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