New Hip Hop Adds: Tyler the Creator, Dr. Yen Lo, Future

Tyler, the Creator - Cherry Bomb: You all knew this album was coming to the new wall at some point once I joined Jaison as co-director, so we might as well stop postponing the inevitable.Cherry Bomb is Tyler, the Creator's fourth album and the long awaited follow-up to his 2013 release, Wolf. The atmosphere Tyler creates on this album is the polar opposite of the mood that Earl Sweatshirt created on his recent project, I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside. With the help of featured artists Kali Uchis, Kanye West, and Roy Ayers, Tyler explores the bright side of success, as he raps about McLaren's and blossoming relationships on tracks such as 2Seater and Okaga, CA. Compared to previous releases, this album also contains a heavy R&B influence, especially on tracks such as Find Your Wings. While Tyler has seen better days lyrically (particularly on his first two releases,Bastard and Goblin), the quality of the production he delivers on all 13 tracks on this album is at an all time high, with his command of synths and string sections fully realized on Fucking Young and Okaga, CA (even the legendary Hans Zimmer contributes to a track on this album) SHAWN.

Tracks to look out for on this release are 2Seater, Fucking Young, and Okaga, CA.


Dr. Yen Lo - Days With Dr. Yen Lo: Aight. This is flight. Days with Dr. Yen Lo is a collaborative project between East Coasters. Rapper Ka and dj / producer Preservation. Ka's been featured on some GZA tracks before and Preservation has a solid resume workin wit dat man Yasiin Bey (FREE MOS DEF RIP HIS CAREER), and this shit fuckin goooes, b.  No hooks, no choruses, no features, No bullshit, just straight bars over stripped down, hypnotic beats that'll draw attention purely to Ka's flow. Reminiscent of Gangstarr's Guru, or Eric B. and Rakim, no doubt. Ka be out here putting in work with that raw lyrical talent, feel me. Homie's kickin knowledge in ya ear namsayinn. Days with Dr. Yen Lo got that natural raw, gritty feel that's thematically consistent throughout each track and definitely an homage to the golden age of East Coast hardcore gangster rap. lo-fi movie sound bites and soul samples. This is everything about hip-hop I fell in love with in a brand new package. JAISON 

I fucks wit 3,5,7,11

Future - EvolI won't front witchu fam. I don't know too much about Future. Definitely wouldn't call myself the biggest Future stan or some shit, cause I would be frontin. I listened to Honest first, skimmed through DS2, skipped past Purple Reign and landed here, at Evol. Definitely ain't gonna claim i'm on some sholarly-knowledge level with this fool, but ya boy fucks with him and got mad respek to all the Atlanta cats, word up. I fuck with everything I heard. Homie's most definitely a fun listen. And I'll be damned if those metro boomin beats aren't ill with these blunted, locc'd out, spacey, trap feel. Hella want to vibe out to this right now. I won't be calling Future a poet anytime soon, but homie can definitely flow over a beat, feel me? I'll get back to you after I listen to this leaned the fuck out. JAISON  

4,5,7,11 slap

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