Rufus Du Sol: Show Review

On December 2nd, Rufus Du Sol warmed Wilshire Boulevard through their exhibition at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. This Art Deco landmark has an arena-esque structural design that provided a unique viewing environment for the crowd. With both balcony seating and an open floor, The Wiltern evokes the directionality of acoustic vibrations; summoning sounds upward to swarm and pervade the complex. The event configuration courted a hybrid energy that blended the observational dedication of an opera with the interactional engagements of a concert or festival.

The three person dance music ensemble was preceded by two electro-inspired groups that perfectly emulated the phonetic energy of the headliners. Kllo and Yuma X are both girl-boy duos, known for angelic vocals accompanied by hypnotic melodic compositions. Yuma X provided a downtempo introduction that echoed a dream-like ambience reminiscent of Rufus Du Sol’s whimsical vehemence. Kllo took the stage and immediately became the focal point of my periphery fixations. Their upbeat presence juxtaposed by soulful undertones emanated an edge that was amplified by the groups personal style. 

Intermissions between performers became communicative decompressions dedicated to appreciative discussions of sets, drink refills, and bathroom breaks. The final recess launched the venue-wide countdown for Rufus Du Sol. Attendees rushed throughout the theatre to secure their last-minute preparations. Bodies scurried across the stage, arranging the setting and assembling equipment. The theatre lights dimmed and the room became static. Silenced by anticipation, the crowd grew restless with the passing of time. 

The colored spotlights came to a focus, causing and eruption of applause that encompassed the arena. Members of Rufus Du Sol appeared and the waves of cheering swelled. As the music began, the crowds cravings were finally quenched and those in the balcony felt urged to rise from their seats. The ground level’s excitement shattered attendees stagnation and transformed the viewing space into a dance floor. Shadowed outlines of the crowd looked like dimensional beams of lively animation. Glancing around the room, these dark figures appeared as surges of motion, oscillating seamlessly with the music.

Rufus Du Sol captivated the room with their live performance of original indie dance tracks. The acquainted fans could not help but to sing along to acclaimed originals such as “Say a Prayer for Me” and “Desert Nights.” The groups live element only furthers a musical bond with the audience. The lead singers vocals are tranquilizing and seductive, yet provide an impactful punch to the overall sound. The keyboard and guitar initiate this glowing melodic voyage that guide listeners through transitions. The drums serve as the beating heart of each song that dictate drive through a range of percussion. The trio’s dynamic sound has an uplifting vitality that soothes auditory canals while simultaneously propelling listeners bodies into a state of movement.


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