Show Review: Autograf

When I exited my Uber at Los Angeles Live, I was all ready to roll and hit The Novo. It was a crazy temptation passing by all those nice restaurants right there, but I could feel the groove calling me. Just walking up the steps to the Novo you feel as if you’re en route to some special place where only you and a few other people know about it. Passing through security (which was quick thanks to my very fashionably late arrival), I could already tell that the atmosphere inside was definitely what many people nowadays refer to as ‘lit’.

The lighting for the stage was reminiscent of Mutemath’s setup at The Wiltern. Light bars were erected behind the band in V formation and lit up brilliantly. It was just the right amount. Lights say a lot about your show. Are you gonna go with minimal lighting arrangement, like a funk or rock band would do, or go all out lights with it as many electronic artists choose to do? Autograf placed themselves squarely in the middle of all of that, which fits their aesthetic very well. 

I think the thing that sealed it for them was their live stage presence. Actually playing with a drum kit and two synthesizers on stage really electrified everybody. The energy really translated from watching their arms and heads rhythmically go back and forth. Everyone in the crowd was celebrating that night, and that, combined with the fact that Halloween had been the Monday earlier, meant that smiles spread easily that Friday night. The Novo provided some fantastic refreshments, and Goldroom absolutely slayed at the end of the night, popping the crowd off with “Silhouette." 

If you're interested in seeing Autograf, check out Autograf’s track, "Metaphysical" to get a great sense of the kinda night you’re getting yourself into. 


Photo Credit: Raver Rafting


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