Stockholm, CA: Festival Review

As someone who is not particularly familiar with Swedish music or even culture, for that matter, I was swept away and had an amazing time at Stockholm, CA. What drew me to the festival was Little Dragon, a band I have been listening to since I was in middle school. However, that Saturday, I was fully immersed in the beautiful music, food, and people of Sweden. When my friends and I first arrived, I was shocked by the fantastic turnout. Almost everybody was very tall and well-dressed with striking blonde hair. The Swedish company, Oatly, had a coffee stand serving delicious plant-based drinks and handing out free t-shirts near the front entrance of the Shrine, near the main stage. Food trucks populated the parking lot with tables scattered around the area for people to sit, eat, mingle, and chill while listening to the wonderful tunes of the day.

Of all the acts, I was the most impressed with Salvatore Ganacci, Icona Pop, and of course, Little Dragon. Even though I had heard of Salvatore Gannaci through his hit track with Major Lazer, I was thoroughly impressed with his high octane DJ set. I was very surprised by Icona Pop’s performance, and am definitely looking forward to hearing more of her new music. Of course, the highlight of my day was finally seeing Little Dragon perform live. The crowd was extremely energetic—I could tell that most of the people at the festival were extremely big fans of all every act. Overall, every Swede in LA came out and celebrated their culture in the heart of downtown. 

YUNG LOVE, SUNDAYS 12:30 - 1:30 PM

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