Hinds: Show Review

Photo by: LA Record

Photo by: LA Record

Guitarist and vocalist, Ana García Perrote, wholeheartedly thanked the crowd at The Regent by saying, “There is only one Friday a week, so thank you for choosing to spend your Friday with us.” I spent my Friday night with Hinds, and I can genuinely say that it did not go to waste. It was one of the best shows, if not the best show, I have experienced. The small venue made for a more personal show, fully fledged with mosh pits and welcoming fans on stage to dance with the band.

Their opening act, Thee Commons, gave quite the introduction. While I enjoy music regardless, I tend to lack enthusiasm for the opening act; something I’m sure many concert attendees agree with. However, in the case of Thee Commons, I wanted to hear more. They identify as “Psychedelic Cumbia Punk,” and are the epitome of LA rock en Español. It was the perfect band to set the mood for Hinds, and by the end of their act, I was in a good mood.

When Hinds came on stage, I immediately started crushing hard on all of these girls. Straight from Madrid, Hinds is a Spanish indie rock band with an unbelievable stage presence. I could really see the passion in the eyes of lead singer, Carlotta Cosials, with her two pigtail braids intact, as she screamed into the microphone and jammed out on the guitar. Throughout the show, they welcomed fans on stage to dance with them as they performed, making for a more personal connection with the audience. Some of my favorites from the show include “Fat Calmed Kiddos” and “Castigadas en el Granero.”

The show ended with half the crowd climbing up on stage with the band and lead guitarist, Ana Garcia Perrote, ending with a solo as she crowd-surfed over the remaining audience.

Sometimes it’s better to go to a small concert for a few dollars as opposed to blowing a lot of money for something more commercialized. Bands are in their prime when they have a smaller fan base. The smaller fan base calls for a more personal show where you know that everyone in the crowd is, like you, a big fan. After that show, I definitely consider myself a big fan of Hinds.


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