KXSC November 2016 Hit List [Thankful for Good Music/Good Times]

There's no shortage of shows to be thankful for in Los Angeles this November. KXSC's music department has the lowdown on what to hit up. 

Zoe Citterman - R&B Director

Sampha at The Palace Theatre - 11/01

Sampha hits that sweet spot between electronic and R&B, and does it so so well. Super unique sound and really great vocals. Listen to Dual!

Jose James at Valley Performing Arts Center - 11/03

OK seriously if you go to any of these - this is the one! Really rad jazz. I will be there :) Listen to Blackmagic!

Towkio at The Shrine - 11/03 + 11/04

Not my favorite dude from the Savemoney crew, but he's pretty decent! He got in a fight with my brother at a Chance show a few years ago, but I'll let it slide.

Kamasi Washington at Walt Disney Concert Hall - 11/06

I've said it before, I'll say it again. If you live in LA and haven't seen Kamasi yet, you're fucking up. Kamasi is one of the biggest names in jazz right now, and puts on an incredible live show. Every time I've seen him, it's a huge show with dual-drumsets and lots of dancing. He plays gigs all the time, and they're always really really rad. Listen to The Epic!

Mac Miller at The Observatory - 11/10

Never thought I'd recommend a Mac Miller concert, but the Divine Feminine is funky and pretty good!

Denzel Curry at The Observatory - 11/11

Idk what to say - Denzel Curry is dope. I was bummed to miss his last run through LA, but I hear his live shows are mad fun.

Young Thug at The Observatory - 11/27

OK apparently his live shows are wack, but I'm probably still going to hit this bc I love Young Thug so much I'm not even mad at that.

Lee Fields and the Expressions at Belly Up Tavern - 11/30

These dudes have soul. If you fuck with Charles Bradley, and that old school soul sound, you'll dig it. Check out Faithful Man and My World.

Ramiro Mosquera - World/Music Director

Car Seat Headrest at the Teragram Ballroom - 11/13

Will Toledo has formed an outstanding Indie Rock ensemble, don’t miss it.

Theater Mitu: Jaurez A Documentary Mythology - 10/27 to 11/13

Hear the stories of a city put down and tucked away - watch theatre as a voice for social change

Ecco: The Videos of Oneohtrix Point Never and Related Works - 10/18 to 11/19

A different look at the enigmatic producer’s psyche: a crossroads of experimental music and film

Cameron Hejna - Electronic/Music Director

Directory: Jayda G & Bianca Lexis - 11/04

This one is coming from Luke Kim who is absolutely the man, so I expect all of KXSC to come out for him. If you’ve been out on the circuit at all, you’ve definitely seen/met Luke. If not, he’s quickly becoming an important member of LA’s underground scene. This one is up-and-coming, so definitely roll through. Also, mandatory attendance for all members of KXSC.

Cybersonic LA at the Lash - 11/04

I really don’t want to draw attention away from Luke’s night, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the all-powerful Cybersonic LA was having a night at the as well this Friday upcoming. They’ve got two acts from Tokyo’s underground returning to LA for what is sure to be a night of huge Bass tunes. As always, there’s no cover at the Lash.

Loefah, Kahn + Neek, Them Flavors / Soundpieces LA - 11/10

Deep Medi, bass music, dubstep (pre-2012, pre-skrillex, etc; use google if you’re confused). Kate has been buggin Facebook about it for a minute with good reason. I’m just hyped for Kahn, tbh. The event is at Union, which has really stepped up its game in recent months. Come out and support some quality import music booked by one of LA’s finest.

Murlo at UNION - 11/17

Shout out to Kate, our girl from Fine Time. She’s now over at Union booking some quality acts, so I highly recommend keeping an eye on that venue for good things to come. Speaking of which, they’ve got Murlo coming in the middle of the month. Excited for this one. Tickets are a completely reasonable $12, so grab em and I’ll see you there. Also, Bianca is also opening for this show as well.

Fine Time: Lobster Theremin Showcase - 11/18

Tahl, the man who co-founded Fine Time with the wonderful aforementioned Kate Stimac, is moving on from the club nite to new worlds. This is his send off party, so it promises to be massif. That said, massif is not a label usually prescribed to techno. But come expecting enough techno to fill your coffers until Fine Time resumes in the new year.

Jatin Chowdhury - Jazz Director

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival at Exposition Park - 10/12-13

Lots of great acts on the lineup; I’m especially excited about Kamasi Washington, Anderson .Paak, Pretty Lights and Phony Ppl.

Snakehips w/ Tennyson and Masego at The Wiltern - 10/19

Snakehips is a pair of DJs from Britain, they’re pretty cool I guess. Masego is a pretty young guy, sings and produces, as well as plays a mean saxophone. Of all these artists, I’m most excited to see Tennyson, they’re a brother/sister, keyboard/drums duo from Edmonton that plays some crazy jazz-ish electronic stuff.

Watsky at The Fonda - 10/26

Watsky is cool.

Christina Nour - LA Music Director

Slow Hollows record release show at The Teragram Ballroom - 11/04

Featuring KXSC Live Session alums BOYO! Also, the Buttertones were just added as the special guest.

Way Too Fun Fest 2 - 11/05

If you can make it down to Orange County for this I can promise it'll totally be worth it! Every great LA band is playing and it's just one of those totally STACKED festival lineups so check it out! Oh yeah, and it's FREE :)

MUSE House Show - 11/05

This is in the USC area and SC musician r.e.l. will be playing!

Wistappear record release show - 11/12

Also featuring KXSC Live Session alums BOYO!  

The Orwells at The Smell - 11/21

Come catch The Orwells play at a smaller LA venue and get ready to mosh, stage dive, and crowd surf! LA band Dante Elephante is playing and they rule so check it out. Get tickets early because this will definitely sell out!

Jaison Cabebe - Hip Hop Director

Stones Throw SuperFest - 11/05

Stacked with your fav. Stonesthrow DJs and artists. And Common.

Raekwon $5 show - 11/09

Arguably one of the best members of wu-tang for $5

Kool Keith a.k.a. Dr. Octagon at The Belasco - 11/26

Classic shit.

Christian Koch - Loud Rock Director

The Devil Wears Prada at The Glass House - 11/02

Heavy breakdowns and shredding riffery defines metalcore, and metalcore defines The Devil Wears Prada. Catch these 2000s metal legends this Wednesday in Pomona.

Serj Tankian & the CSUN Symphony at Valley Performing Arts Center - 11/10

Former System of a Down frontman and successful solo vocalist Serj Tankian performs with the California State University at Northridge symphony. Serj Tankian can do nothing wrong in my eyes and will prolly put on a great show.

Sleeping With Sirens at the Wiltern - 11/27

If you like post-hardcore or know what the term “screamo” refers to, you might have a good time at the Wiltern in a few weeks. Celebrate your Thanksgiving with black dye, hair straighteners, and black nail paint. Emo as hell.

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