SOHN: Show Review

SOHN’s performance at the Echo was a unique and intimate experience. After waiting over an hour past his specified set time, SOHN, consisting of lead vocalist and piano player Christopher Taylor and his DJ, drummer and backing vocals entered the stage. From there on out it was a night of non-stop silky falsettos and bright synths. Taking no time between songs, SOHN’s music melted together. Despite not all of his music being recognizable, especially his several new songs which he debuted at the event, the crowd and I was instantly able to start humming and swaying along.

The energy ranged from powerhouse jams like Artifice which had everyone going nuts to somber ballads such as "Bloodflows," exemplifying his vocal range, hitting high notes meriting a “woo” from the crowd. The lights were a glorious pallet of orange, blues and greens and complimented the vibes as opposed to detracting. He ended the night by saying “this is our last song, but not really, you know how it is.” He played his most popular song "Artifice" and then after introducing the band, closed out the night with "Tremors," the closer on his and title track from his debut album.

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