Tycho: Show Review

Tycho is an artist who I always turn to when in the mood to ponder the meaning of my existence or the complex nature of the universe. The spacey atmosphere created through their sound always allows me to drift to new dimensions upon closing my eyes. When I caught word that they not only had a new album out, but a show in LA quickly following its release, I invoked every ounce of self-control I had and waited to enjoy the work for the first time live. Although a difficult decision at the time, the experience was more than worth the wait. 

Opening with high energy hits off the album Dive, the ensemble meandered their way to euphoric pieces from the new album, Epoch. Nostalgic, naturalistic synths and delightful percussion made for a set that was not only pensive and ambient, but energized and danceable as well. However, the more sedentary concert goers were not left in the dark, as Tycho always outfits their performances with captivating visual productions that promise to entrance you eyes. Overall, the combined audio/visual experience was enough to have anybody enjoy the energy. If you’re looking for an enlightening experience, definitely check out Tycho’s live show when you get the chance.  
12-1 PM Meditation Mix

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