Miike Snow & Zella Day: Show Review

Orange and purple lights bordered the entire space of the temple turned event venue at The Shrine Auditorium this past Thursday as they welcomed Zella Day and Miike Snow

Zella Day’s sparkling bohemian jumpsuit and curls bounced around with her as she engaged all her bandmates and the small crowd that swayed in front of her. Zella's indie/pop style paired with her classic rock voice created a raw and mesmerizing energy. Even though Zella Day is a decent performer and singer, the audience was less than amused. 

Miike Snow, a noise pop band from Sweden, came out in a flood of streaming lights. Psychedelic images scrawled the multiple screens behind the entire band. Wyatt jumped around and played the piano, performing such classics on it as “Silvia” when he got lost in his microphone. Although many of the songs have exuberant drops, the same energy was not delivered live. The sound seemed off, each song never fully climaxed.

To the audiences’ surprise, Charlie XCX appeared in her all red booty shorts, crop top and fuzzy coat blessing the stage for “For U” as the show came to a close. A nice blend of their past three albums, iii (2016), Happy too You (2012) and Miike Snow (2010) were showcased with all the popular chords including: “Paddling out," “Black & Blue,” “Genghis Khan,” and of course wrapping up the show with “Animal”. 


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