New World Adds: St Germain, Gisele Pape

St Germain - St Germain: St Germain cites a lot of jazz and funk influences as well as Chicago house and his breakout album, Tourist really encompasses that—even winning what are essentially France’s Grammys in both the jazz and electronica categories. However, where Tourist is more funk, jazz, and Latin, St Germain is far more African, specifically Malian. Ludovic Navarre, the man behind St Germain, worked with Malian guitarist Guimba Kouyate a lot on this album, drawing a lot from his style and bringing on other Malian musicians to the recording. The sound on this album blends a lot of textures with the liquid style of Malian guitar. Overall the album is more flowing and ambient than previous. If you liked Tinariwen you may enjoy this album. If you want to check out his jazzier side look into his older stuff. IAN  

RIYL: Tinariwen, Toumi & Sidiki Diabaté, Ali Farka Touré

Recommended Tracks: Real BluesSittin HereHow Dare You

Gisele Pape - OiseauGisele Pape's first work is a six track EP released in November of 2015, it is at times fleeting and ephemeral. Although the EP is is quite short the songs and the overall cohesiveness of the album gives off a very mature and thought out progression. The EP's vocal harmony's are eerie and sincere, its minimalist instrumentation manages to slightly unnerve the listener without disorienting or distracting them. I would recommend this to those who stay up late at night with the lights turned off and think about whether or not the sun will rise. RAMIRO

Recommended Tracks: 1, 3, 4  

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