New Electronica Adds: Juche, Taso, Roly Porter, Rabit & Dedekind Cut

Juche - Echo $title: They just reached out to me earlier in the week, and I really really enjoyed their tracks. I was around when a tiny tiny tiny microgenre called "metro-ko" started (essentially industrial synth ambience, imagine early Oneohtrix mixed with Vangelis' work on Blade Runner.) It ended up dying a quick death, but not before several cool people and albums emerged out of it, and these guys are one of them. The chopped up vocals are reminiscent of cloud-rap beats and the whole record carries a dream like ambience, which is emphasized by weird samples and constantly changing tempos. SEAN

RIYL: YYU, Chuck Persons, anything on Beer on the Rug, bird noises, tape recorders on fast forward

Recommended Tracks: zhongguo, olaura, rokovoko


TASO - COLD HEAT VOL. 1: We've been really really blessed to have Taso drop another 4 tracks on us, and true to his style, they demolish. For those of you who aren't aware, Taso is a member of the current ruling footwork collective Teklife, and has shown his talent and promise from working with all of their members & affiliates in producing absolutely killer tracks. Although this is short, it isn't really to be overlooked: he both demonstrates his trademark maximalist battle mentality (F*ckin Hell) and a new, restrained and sparse side that I've not seen since Rashad put out I Don't Give a F**k (That's What I Do)  He also sampled Joe Pesci in Casino and Dropout-era Kanye on this one. I mean, how can you really improve from that. SEAN

RIYL: DJ Rashad, Teklife, flailing around like an idiot at 160bpm

Recommended Tracks: Nothin's Gonna Stop Me, That's What I Do

Roly Porter - Third LawHighly-touted experimental producer Roly Porter has taken a break from crafting mad sci-fi soundtracks to drop his second album on Tri Angle. Third Law is a cross between a post-apocalyptic movie soundtrack and a construction site. Highly recommend a listen to "Mass" if you want to hear the nastiest use of sub-bass I've heard in a long time. RAZ

RIYL: Kuedo, extratone, Amnesia Scanner.

Recommended Tracks: 3, 8.

Rabit & Dedekind Cut - R&D EP: Fresh-off-the-press Ninja Tune release (big up). The EP that Mary Anne Hobbs called "mind-blowing" deserves at least one listen. Jungle maestro Lee Bannon reemerges as Dedekind Cut (whose Spotify profile is open to the public, he listens to Ashanti in his free time.) Meanwhile, the never-idle Rabit continues to makes his slow rise to the top of the UK electronic scene. RAZ

RIYL: Burial, 4 am meditative jawns, also Burial.

Recommended Tracks: Listen to all of it m8


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