New Hip Hop Adds: Denzel Curry, Travi$ Scott, Da$h


Denzel Curry - 32 Zel/Planet ShroomsDenzel Curry is a Florida based rapper who was formerly a member of the now infamous Raider Klan (which did him well in the long run, considering how much of a sad case Spaceghost Purrp has become). With the release of his debut album Nostalgic 64, Curry definitely got the attention of some prevalent heads in new school hip-hop, including Earl Sweatshirt, who brought him out as a surprise guest at his show in Miami earlier this year. 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms, Curry's follow-up to N64, is a double-EP. While 32 Zel boasts trap influenced production and a more "ignorant" style/sound, Planet Shrooms is more of an experimental excursion, as Curry raps over more psychedelic and spaced out production that proves to be a rewarding listening experience. In my opinion, this is definitely the strongest out of this week's new adds. SHAWN


Travi$ Scott - RodeoRodeo, Travi$ Scott's debut major label album, is a hefty offering of Travi$'s unique take on trap and modern hip hop. Known by many through his association with Kanye West, Scott proves on this album that he doesn't need the cosign or endorsement of any artist to stand out with respect to his craft. Scott's ability to verbally own every track despite the numerous features on this album is a rare ability that many rappers today fail to possess. Some of the songs to look out for on here include Ok Alright, Scott's collaboration with Schoolboy Q, as well as 90210. While some like to compare Scott to A$AP Rocky (primarily because of their physical similarities), the music on this album definitely surpasses that of Rocky's recent album, and in my opinion is definitely a contender for album of the year for 2015. SHAWN


Da$h - 17 More Minutes: Not to be mistaken as a reference to the album's runtime (as opposed to a reference to the amount of time supposedly taken from one's life after smoking a cigarette), 17 More Minutes is the most recent mixtape by A$AP Mob affiliated rapper Da$h. Already a notable figure in hip-hop for his song stealing appearances on Mac Miller's Faces and Earl Sweatshirt's I Don't Like Shit I Don't Go Outside, Da$h proves on this 12-track offering that he stands strongly on his own, just as well as he could with the vocal presence of more famous artists. Listening to this project is comparable to drinking a cup of black coffee in the early morning while it's still dark; Da$h does a great job of creating a very apparent brooding atmosphere with his flow/delivery and the production he chooses to rap over. I can see this not being everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely appreciable and worth a listen among more avid hip-hop heads. SHAWN

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