Bucket Hats, Stussy Shirts, and Dirty Beats at Fool's Golds Day Off

With the Stussy shirts, hipster bucket hats, and my trusty pal Grant, I entered to the uplifting tones of Towkio’s set. And the hype begins.

The uplifting bass in Towkio took me to where I needed to be. I could feel it. Fool’s Gold created a place filled with heart and soul. Towkio’s final track, “Heaven Only Knows,” closed his set with an energy that made you want to hug the person next to you.

After Towkio’s spiritual revival of our human conscious, his set made way for the dirty beats of Hoodboi. Hoodboi has us getting down, we got gritty and the feeling of giving a fu*k disappeared. People began to get deep into his music, vibing hard with each bass drop and syncopation.

What Fool’s Gold did that was impressive to me was that it captured the spirit of la la land but without the BS, maybe in part of its Brooklyn vibe. The people that came were from first glance looked like the typical LA crowd of fashionably shallow individuals, but somehow FG was able to clear that out, because when Milo and Stich came on I could tell that we all had been bumping these tracks in our rooms back at home before, and really came together to just let loose.

FG’s Day Off was filled with good energy and good people. I will not deny the music had us going wild! The mosh pit scene was intense, but the etiquette was there and the love was pure. Fool’s Gold created a community and took the grittiness of the east and brought the patience of the west together, creating one remarkable dope kickback with genres that spanned from dirty beats, trap, and soul.  
-Kwadjo Boateng, DJ, Show: Madafo Radio Music, Sundays 10-11 pm


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