Decibel Festival: Preview


WHERE: Seattle, WA

WHEN: September 23-27

Decibel Festival is one of the world's most unique music festivals, bringing together the most creative electronic music artists, multimedia technologies, and industry heads together in a 5-day conference and showcase style performance for the love of music innovation and technology. 

dBFestival's full lineup

During the daytime, the dB Conference offers free panels, seminars, workshops and more in partnership with a number of sponsors, such as RBMA, Ableton, and CreativeLive, to expand your knowledge and mastery of the fusion between technology and arts. Events include anything from "Modular Synthesis with James Patrick and Richard Devine" to "Artist Talk: Grassroots Collectives", which features Soulection founder Joe Kay and other Soulection artists.

The music performances come in the style of individual shows throughout the heart of Seattle. A festival pass allows you into entry to any of the showcases, but you can also attend any of the shows individually at their own prices. A wide range of electronic artists, from leftfield downtempo electronica to pounding Berghain techno residents are represented. Most of the shows take place around 10pm-2am, but for those strong-willed, there are After-Hours parties which start late in the night and continue until early morning.

Check out the official festival website and festival Facebook event for more information.


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