New Hip-Hop Adds: Gangrene, Method Man, and Dr. Dre

Gangrene - You Disgust MeIf you don't know, Gangrene is made up of Oh No and Alchemist, each being an accomplished producer in their own right. Alchemist having worked with heads from Prodigy of Mobb Deep to Bronsolino. Also, if you didn't know, Oh No is Madlib's little brother and also signed to Stones Throw. But he ain't just riding coat-tails namsayin. Peep Ethiopium. Homie can make beats. That said, You Disgust Me knockkks, boy. They go in on some real blunted ass boom bap shit, with features from Havoc, Sean P (R.I. fucking P.) . These are some of the best beats of the summer. I fucks with 3,5,10,12,13. JAISON 

Method Man - The Meth Lab: While RZA's out there directing movies and meditating on mountain tops or some shit, my dude Johhny Blaze out here putting in work, keeping the Wu spirit alive, kid. Talk to me for 5 seconds, you know I get down to Wu Tang. The Meth Lab is Meth's musical tribute to the Breaking Bad, which I'll admit is kinda hella corny. But homie still goes in as hard as ever and he ain't fuckin around. Shit's stacked with features too from the likes of multiple Wu Affiliates as well as Redman, Raekwon the chef, Inspectah Deck, and Masta Killa. 3,12,13 slaps. JAISON

Dr. Dre - Compton: Well, shit. I kinda have to put Dre on here don't I? Unless you been sleepin hard over the past month, Dre dropped his first album in like a decade and a half. Some people like it, some people hate it. Honestly I can barely even process it. How the fuck? It's been so long I can't even figure out what's in this fool's head. Shit is solid, but it's so far removed from The Chronic I would have trouble telling its the same dude. Homie seems to have completely moved on from G-funk apparently, and is now all about girls telling me to go fuck myself while Eminem shouts shit at me. Anderson Paak is tight. Kendrick can spit (what's new). Ice Cube is still referencing It Was a Good Day wherever he can get away with it. Shit is worth a listen tho. 3,10,14 are gud. JAISON

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