24 hours in Rotterdam

If you hop on a train at Centraal Station in Amsterdam, you can find yourself in Rotterdam in about 40 minutes.

Artwork on the side of the Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge in Rotterdam. 

Artwork on the side of the Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge in Rotterdam. 

The city is a metropolitan hub in The Netherlands, it has a distinctly different vibe than Amsterdam. Due to most of the city being destroyed during World War II, the centre of Rotterdam is filled with skyscrapers and modern architecture. It's quite a departure from the cute cobblestoned streets of Amsterdam's centre. 

Sofia from Rotterdam-based agency Masenqo showed me a few of the spots for music related things in the city. Check out the list below for those spots and some other places I visited during my day there: 

  • Clone Records: Clone is a record label and store based in Rotterdam. I was there when they had the grand opening of their new location in Rotterdam. The store offers a diverse range of electronic music selections from their label and beyond, it doesn't hurt that their new store is gorgeous too. 
  • Bird: I didn't actually go to Bird, but I've heard only good things about this venue. It's located a few doors down from the new Clone shop and has quality bookings. Axel Boman played back to back with John Talabot there this weekend, and Kamasi Washington is playing there later this fall. Check their bookings if you're going to be in the area and are looking for a show. 
  • Het Transportbedrijf: This is a really nice no-frills club. It has a solid sound system, lots of lockers to stash your stuff, and a fog machine going all night. I caught Hashman Deejay there for a Clone night along with the Clone Residents. 
  • GROOS: GROOS is a cool concept store in the heart of Rotterdam near Het Transportbedrijf. Everything in the store is either designed by someone from Rotterdam, or was made in Rotterdam. It's the spot to pick up a unique souvenir and support local talent. 
  • Boguette: Grabbed banh mi here, it was really good. When you leave LA to Northern Europe you learn to cherish all the quality Asian food you find. They have bubble tea too!
  • De IJssalon: According to Sofia, this is the best ice cream in the city. I had stroopwafel ice cream and it was as amazing as it sounds if you've ever had stroopwafel. 

Naomi Menezes, Promotions Director

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