Fools Gold Records Day Off, Los Angeles, Debut

The Fool’s Gold event began roughly 5 years ago in a parking lot in artist cultivated Soho, as notable performer A-track puts it, on their bright yellow and feel good site. This event is known to be the vision of Fools Gold mission: to bring fans closer to their favorite artist to not just see them perform, but provide an experience much greater and more personal than that.

Day Off will be August 29th in La La Land, with a line up that includes Action Bronson, A-Track, Travis Scott, Milo & Otis, Towkio and much much more. For me this will be first time I get introduced to the sounds of this line up, which is exciting. Based off the history of artist that I vibe with on FG catalogue I know that I should go in ready to hear something that’s gritty and real.

If you can’t make this LA line up, no worries, FG Day Off will be in music melting pots such as Miami, ATL, Austin, and more. 

For those that can make this upcoming hype event, can’t wait to kick it and jam to sounds that get to core of good vibes and push the envelope on the integrity of music. To FG: thank you for this event and can’t wait to meet the new homies.

Check out some of my favorite artist from FG: Danny Brown, Kid Cudi, A-Trak, Ta-Ku, Tchami, and Giraffage.

Here’s a link to the Soundcloud especially made for this event. 


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