Supporter And Alumni BBQ

Who? Anybody and everybody that supports KXSC, calling all current and past KXSC members and supporters; whether you're a current DJ or a family/friend of someone that is involved with KXSC, come out and enjoy a rack of ribs with your favorite college radio station.

What? Great BBQ, tunes, and peeps

When? Saturday April 11th at 1 pm

Where? 1222 W. 23rd Street, Los Angeles, California

Why? To provide an opportunity for KXSC alumni, family, and supporters to interact with one another and with current KXSC staff, as well as participate in our annual Fundraiser in a more engaging way!

Tickets are $30 and can be purchased here. All of the money goes directly back to KXSC and will be used to help create a larger endowment for the station, ensuring that KXSC will be able to be around in the year's coming. The even will be filled with an afternoon filled with scrumptuous eats, free drinks, live DJing, and good company at the home of some of the KXSC Staff members. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact Liana Wertman at

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