KXSC Spring Fundraiser!

Happy April! All month KXSC will be having a fundraiser in order to keep the station alive and functioning! 

Due to dwindling funding, college radio stations are facing program closures across the country and we're trying to prevent this from happening at USC. KXSC does not receive any guaranteed funding from USC, and at the current rate, the station will be out of funds in just a few years. So help us out and support your local college radio station, DONATE HERE ignite.usc.edu/kxsc

You can find out more information about why you support KXSC here: http://kxsc.org/fundraiser15/

If you are in the LA area, we encourage you to come out to one of the many events we will be having throughout the month: 

Spectrum Show (April 10): In Tommy's Place, lineup TBA!

Alumni and Supporter BBQ (April 11): Drinks and lunch with your KXSC family more info here http://kxscbbq.splashthat.com/

KXSC x Grand Central Market (April 11): Henry will be spinning some tunes at GCM that night, come out, dance, and eat some pupusas with us. 

Record Store Day Fundraiser at Veggie Grill (April 18): If you're heading to Amoeba for record store day, come join us at the Veggie Grill at the Arclight during lunch. If you bring our flyer (http://bit.ly/1EMfMFg), half of your meal cost will go to KXSC!

The Good Karma Cafe at USC (April 21,22): Tunes provided by KXSC, food by Good Karma. All you can eat for $10, cash only!

24 PROGRAMMING! April 16-30, more info to come for this!

lso, join our Spring Fundraiser Facebook page here to make sure you're receiving all of our updates!

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